REVIEW: Necro – I Need Drugs

I Need Drugs

Artist: Necro

Album: I Need Drugs

Label: Psycho Logical

Rating: 7 / 10

Reviewer: DJ MF

Picked this up about 6 months ago in CD form, after having acquired a number of 12 inch singles by Necro over the years.

Necro is an MC/producer/filmaker out of NYC, who has built up quite a following in the hip hop underground for his incredible wordplay combined with oftentimes disturbing imagery. I’m telling you now- this album is NOT for the weak of stomach. Oftentimes misogynistic, and always obsessed with death, Necro will appeal to maybe 10% of the population out there.

That being said, it cannot be doubted that the man has definite skills, both on the lyrical and production tips. In addition to production on all of the songs on this LP, Necro has produced songs for the likes of Non-Phixion, Ill Bill, and also the classic Cage cut ‘Agent Orange’.

Now onto the details…

1) The Most Sadistic
This one features Ill Bill, who not coincidentally is related to Necro, although right now I’m not recalling in what way :)The beat is hella nice, with a driving bassline, and keynotes of some sort tinkling in the background. The lyrics are on point, and basically deal with how sadistic Necro and Ill Bill are towards MC’s who try and lyrically battle them.

2) Hoe Blow
A VERY eerie organ in the background on this cut. Sounds almost like a horror movie sample of some sort. The bassline has a funky feel to it, contrasting with the sounds around it, but surprisingly it works. The lyrics basically deal with Necro’s dealings with various woman, and I’ll leave it at that.

3) I Need Drugs
Remember the huge LL Cool J hit from the mid 80’s called ‘I Need Love’? This song uses the exact same beat and instrumentation for all intents and purposes. Only difference is, Necro ain’t talking about girls, and love. In a refreshing change of pace from the first two tracks, Necro narrates a tale of how he needs drugs in his life. So much so, he’s willing to give up ANYTHING. Many will find this a horrible song… but looking deeper, I think it’s brilliant in the way that it relates the pathos of a drug addict. Great stuff. Add in the fact that it took me 5 minutes to stop laughing after I heard how he had flipped a classic track, and you can’t get much better than this.

4) Your Fuckin’ Head Split
Another disgustingly nice beat. Necro does a really nice job with basslines. In addition to the bassline, there is a really nice threatening sounding guitar lick being played in the background. Again, subject matter consists of Necro braggadacio about what he does to people who battle him lyrically.

5) You’re Dead
Featuring Ill Bill again, we get another eerie beat. Eerie has been used quite a bit on my part, but it’s hard to describe it as anything else :). If anything, this beat is a little weaker than the others thus far, simply because the bass line isn’t as driving as before. As the title would suggest, lyric matter revolves around death. However, a special note for Ill Bill, who I think rips this track to death with his verse.

6) Get On Your Knees
One of the previously released singles, and an absolute laugh riot if you can get past the obvious sexual reference indicated by the title of the track. Necro takes an old Gladys Knight track, and flips the sample for the chorus- “Baby baby, I get down on my knees for you”. Bet ya Ms. Knight didn’t intend it that way huh? The beat is a little more upbeat than most everything on the LP, and it’s a breath of fresh air. Standard drums, with a chime ringing in the background throughout the track. Lyrics center on Mr. Necro’s love of, umm, take a wild guess, and the chorus also includes a scratched sample of Akinyele saying “get on your knees” from his classic track of a couple of years ago, ‘Put It In Your Mouth’.

7) Rugged Sh$t
One of my fave beats on the LP. Dark drums and bassline, but it’s the piano keys that do it for me. Very WuTangish sounding. Also, a weird sounding horn every once in a while. The environment created by the beat kills the lyrics, which finally start to wear on me a bit… Necro’s talking about how everything he does is rugged.

8) I’m Sick Of You
Another beat I’m loving. Dark, yet upbeat at the same time. And some ill cuts at the beginning and for the chorus. Again, it sounds like synth piano keys accentuating the beat. Necro this time is telling us, you guessed it, how he’s sick of us.

9) Cockroaches
A weird beat. Standard drums, but there is this absolutely crazy horn to start things off. Sounds almost like the person doesn’t know how to play, but they do, if that makes sense. And then, as the vocals start, a swirling synth background, punctuated by the horn again, and the bassline and drums become VERY menacing. The chorus has a scratched sample, I’m thinking it’s Al Pacino from Scarface, but I’m not sure. Necro’s using cockroaches as a metaphor for people that use him, in addition to actually speaking on the insects too.

10) F%$k You To The Track
Another odd horn intros this track, and loops throughout the rest. Very nice. In addition, some atmosphere is added by what sounds like a flute in the background. Guess what Necro’s rapping about by looking at the name of the song.

11) Burn The Groove To Death
Another old 12 that I have. An absolutely killer killer killer bassline. I love it. And apart from the drums and an occasional spacy sound, that’s the production on the track. This is more of a straight battle track, as Necro basically burns the groove of the beat with his lyrics.

12) Underground
I wish I knew the sample used at the beginning. Sounds like an old 50’s tune. Necro informs us off the start that “hip hop’s too pretty”, and that he’s gonna “take a razor, and slice it!” Probably my fave song on the album. Gorgeous beat, and the most upbeat one on the LP. Chimes again the background, and what sounds like violins accentuating the beat. The lyrics are again straight battle lines, with some really nice punchlines. Check the length though – Necro goes on for about 5 minutes straight with his verse – very impressive.

13) S.T.D.
Very un-Necro beat. Sounds old schoolish, and even De La Soulish, which I know is gonna make me laugh once Necro changes it up. He starts talking about how he saw this girl in the park, and how she was so beautiful. And then all hell breaks loose, and he mentions how he finds out that the girl had syphillis. Disgustingly good.

14), 15), and 16)
All various freestyles that Necro has performed on radio shows over the past couple of years. My fave of the three has got to be 15), the Christmas freestyle, where he goes off on Santa Claus. On all the freestyles though, Necro shows an incredible array of one-liners off the top, actually making me suspicious of whether they were writtens or not.

So basically, what you get with this album is a bunch of supremely nice beats, and superior lyricism by Necro. Thing is, the subject matter will turn off most people. I can’t say that enough. I don’t want people buying this or listening to it, and then complaining to me. However, if you want to listen to something unique, and not commercial in any way whatsoever, I urge you to buy this.

The only negative with the album is that although Necro has a lot of ways to say the same thing, it WILL dull you to the lyrics after a while. Eventually, you’ll find yourself listening to the beats more than anything.

Buy this, but be warned.

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