REVIEW: P Cutta – Street Wars 9

Street Wars 9

Artist: P Cutta

Album: Street Wars 9

Label: Rooftop Entertainment

Rating: 8 / 10

Reviewer: A to the L

Now this is interesting. Of course everyone knows about the recent Hiphop beefs – Eminem vs Benzino, 50 Cents vs Ja-Rule, Big Sty vs Everybody (who you ask?) Here P-Cutta has gathered up some old disses, and a gang of new ones that cover all those head-to-heads, as well as providing us with new diss cuts from the Lost Boyz, Ali Vegas, Stack Bundles, and Busta Rhymes amongst others.

Lets get the big ones out the way first – lets start with Fiddy and Ja. First strike is 50 talking over Ja’s ‘Clap Back’ beat – no rhyming here, just the clenched-teethed one talking about how he ain’t giving up his battles with Ja despite the pleas from Minister Louis Farrakhan, and also taking mini-shots at Benzino before he gets off the mic. Retaliating from the Murder Inc camp, Cadillac Tah rhymes over ‘Stunt 101’, flipping it into ‘Dump 101’ and making some impressive (for Tah) battle threats against G-Unit. Lloyd Banks responds with ‘Tryin’ To Be A Gangsta’ which personally does little for me – the beat is tired, and I’ve never really felt Banks flow.

The shots at 50 aren’t confined to the Murder Inc camp though – Joe Budden and Stack Bundles both fire shots at the G-Unit head, and later A-Team, and Mr. Cheeks & Messiah from the Lost Boyz get separate shots in at Fiddy and his whole team (though the rep-for-party-tracks Cheeks sounds weird issuing threats over Pac & Biggie’s ‘Runnin’ beat.)

Moving onto Eminem vs Benzino (and Ja-Rule), the first cut covering this saga, ‘Bully’ sucks badly. Lyrically Eminem covers the bases as usual, with all his words hitting their target – unfortunately the beat is lazy and Em’s delivery is stuck on that sing-song ‘Way I Am’ style. Following this is Eminem’s infamous ‘Black Girls’ diss that bought the Source so much coverage when they unearthed it late last year. You’ll remember of course that this tape helped to fan the flames between Eminem and Benzino. Benzino’s comments on this tape and what he feels it means to Hiphop in general come right on its heels, and then an Eminem ‘Invasion’ freestyle rounds things off. At least on this one Em actually raps, although the beat again leaves a lot to be desired.

Now let’s talk about this Big Sty fella. In case you weren’t aware of homeboy, he put out ‘Its A Problem’ a few months ago (its included here) which dissed um… everyone! In ‘How To Rob An Industry Cat’ style, Sty throws mud at Jay-Z (“since Beyonce been sucking your dick, you got soft as a bitch”), Nas (“tell em they shootin’ I hope you can dodge one, you God’s Son? well I’ma make you see God son”), 50 Cent (“you shit blew not because of your rhymes, cos in every interview you say “I got shot nine times”), Ja-Rule (“that ‘Clapback’ shit is manure, still doing love songs for those little TRL viewers”), as well as G-Unit, Bravehearts, Eminem, Nelly, Chingy, Busta, Missy, Pharell, and Rocafella and Bay Boy Records. His short ‘I’m Sorry’ follow-up is also included here, which sees him dangle apologies out to everyone he offended… and then snatch it back and add an additional ‘fuck you’.

Elsewhere, Busta Rhymes’ response to a throwaway Jay-Z line on ‘What More Can I Say’ features he and Wyclef spitting over Dre’s ‘Watcher Beat’, while V-Dot’s ‘Ether’ freestyle takes Angelous to task for his Jay-Z-soundalike style. Sauce Money’s diss to Bravehearts and Puffy, and Cuban Links shots at Fat Joe are also hidden amongst the bigger names on the CD.

Its also worth noting that amongst all the diss rhymes are a couple of cuts that bring no beef, but still sound good. Rooftop’s own Ryan Banks drops a dope freestyle at the very start that breaks down the entire content of the tape, and Skillz famous ‘Rap Up 2003’ also makes an appearance – here Skillz humorously chronicles the events of the whole of last year in four and half minutes.

Like a bad car crash that you can’t stop looking at, this CD keeps you listening to hear the NEXT serving of animosity. You know it ain’t right to revel in all the bad feeling, but as long as these emcees keep feeling threatened and keep putting out these verses, you KNOW we gonna be crowded around listening.

4 Replies to “REVIEW: P Cutta – Street Wars 9”

  1. I think your a fucking faggot… honestly… you think u can just compare everything and tell everyone how it went down… pfft i’v listened 2 all these diss records… 2 me its funny… personly most of these beefs ur talking about are jelouse people dissing other rappers…. then that rapper just gets pissed off and responds… man you make this shit out like its some tv soap shit…. fuckin stay real…

  2. Big sty did spit some ill shit but Nas went back on him on “hip hop is dead” on the track “carry on tradition” …lemme tell u what he said
    “F**k a bum wack rapper makin’ his career out of dissin’
    Peace to the strugglin’ artists and dead ones gone
    We miss ’em, I promise I’mma carry on tradition”

    another line in the song
    “You spit hate against bosses, hungry f**ks are marvelous
    You should be tossed in a pit full of unfortunate
    Vocalists, niggas I could have wrote ya shit
    I had off time, was bored wit’ this, I could have made my double LP
    Just by samplin’ different parts of ‘Nautilus’
    Still came five on the charts wit’ zero audience
    The lane was open and y’all was droppin’ that garbage shit
    Y’all got awards for ya bricks, it got good to ya
    You started tellin’ the bigger dogs to call it quits? What?!”

    Nas ia a king

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