REVIEW: Rack-Lo – Aracknofoebia – The Art Of Webslinging

Aracknofoebia - The Art Of Webslinging

Artist: Rack-Lo

Album: Aracknofoebia – The Art Of Webslinging

Label: Skillionaire Entertainment

Rating: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Timid

Rack Lo is another of the fam of emcees repping Skillionaire Entertainment with the likes of Thirstin Howl III. This time Rack Lo is back with “Aracknofoebia – The Art of Webslinging” and with the first word spit on this album being “Spiderman” it would seem that the concept is right up my alley as the Spidey fanatic that I am. So I’m going to start by getting one thing out of the way. The producion on this album is tight. All the beats work and help to enhance the art in the webslinging, much props. What of the arachnid himself? Enter the web with me :muwahahaha (that’s an evil laugh in case you didn’t catch it) : muwahahaha : see : oh forget it.

The first thing you notice about Rack Lo when the title track ‘Aracknofoebia’ drops is his distinct voice. His writing style is a bit different as well. He spits in short phrases instead of full sentences. For the most part it works to good effect except it’s kind of hard to figure what he is ultimately talking about or if there is a specific point that he’s trying to get across or not. Don’t take this to mean that he doesn’t have skills because that would be the wrong assumption. Rack Lo displays that he can handle the mic with no question on tracks like ‘Fear’ where it’s just basically three and a half minutes of straight spitting with no specific hook. Muwahaha :haha :.damn.

Backing up Rack Lo throughout the album are the nice soulful female vocals of Lo-wife covering hooks and accenting some lyrics. As a husband and wife team, Rack Lo and his lovely lady work well together as a cohesive duo instead of her just being some nameless female that sings the chorus’ on a solo artists’ tracks as she is on almost every cut. She also has her own solo on the album with ‘Living In The City’. I can’t help but hear the phrase “city of Compton” each time after she sings the hook as the sound byte was also used in an old NWA joint.

Now you gotta give it up for the Biz Markie remake ‘The Paperz’ (based on the Biz classic “The Vapors”). Rack Lo changes the focus of the lyrics to be about various ways to get them paperz. Several storytelling verses shows that the webslinger can bring a different style of flow here than what has dominated the album thus far. Rack Lo continues with his flow change on ‘Lo Wife’ about that down ass girl that most cats be looking for. The hook on this joint though doesn’t really do anything for me but the back and forth juggling of verses from Rack Lo and his ‘Lo Wife’ brings it nicely.

Rack Lo then takes it to the heart with ‘Luv Me’ and shows another aspect of his personality that we’ve not been shown thus far by giving recognition and thanks to his family. Another thing I noticed is that I’m half way through this album and I don’t think I’ve heard much cursing which is surprising compared to most releases these days and especially with the hard delivery that Rack Lo brings. Even with his “clean” lyrics Rack Lo will definitely appeal to hardcore rap fans. That fact shows more creativity in my opinion as a lot of emcees today use curse words as a crutch in their writing to make up for their lack of vocabulary, perhaps this is that “high tech intellect” that is mentioned on the ‘Arch Enemy Interlude 1’.

Muwaha! Still not working? :

“Yo what y’all know about Furious Five, Fearless Four, Furious Three?”, brings in ‘Rackamatics’ where Rack Lo drops some props by mentioning some old school groups such as Audio Two, Sugar Hill Gang, 3X Dope and the Disco Three. We are treated to some economical education on how to keep your paper straight dealing with the sharks in the rap game on ‘The Evil That Pimps Do’. It’s pimp or get pimped in this industry.

“Aracknofoebia” ends with the wild out up tempo joint ‘Disorderly Konduct’. This is as close as you are going to get to a club song on this album so take your bootie shaking ass somewhere the hell else if that’s what you were looking for.

Rack Lo’s art isn’t that of being the typical whoopty whoop “thug gangsta” he’s a slick thief bitch, so get that shit right. It takes more upstairs to be clever than it does to just bust off on someone. What what!? As I mentioned before, the thug set will vibe to “The Art of Webslinging” and underground heads should be satisfied with the numerous punch lines and creative beats and sound effects. And yo’ momma will probably like that he contains more than a three word vocabulary that only contains shit, fuck, and bitch in his lyrics every other word… that is when I send her back home to you.

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