REVIEW: Rack-Lo – Thou Shalt Not Steal

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Artist: Rack-Lo

Album: Thou Shalt Not Steal

Label: Skillionaire Entertainment

Rating: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Killah

Picture Tony Touch 50 MC’s mix tape, with just one artist spitting for just about an hour? Crazy right? That’s exactly how Rack Lo’s “Thou Shall Not Steal” LP hits it. Hailing straight from Skilligan’s Island in Brooklyn , Rack brings his POLO stealing delivery to the table.

This 23 track disk starts with the off the wall ‘Hangman’ cut. On ‘Hangman’, Rack Lo drops the illest lines such as

“…put the pearly white gates off limits
And let us conquer the planet earth
Challenge myself to take on Mission Impossible
Like beach-goers standing on concrete trying to surf.”

Rack Lo’s partner in crime the First Ladee revives the past on ‘Remember The Timez’ and the ‘2000’ remix. If you’re from Brooklyn or NYC you will agree with everything she says throughout both songs. The real gem on the CD is the ‘Million Man Rush Pt. 2’. I caught wind of this track while I was at a mix tape shop in my land of Brooklyn. In ‘Million Man Rush 2’, Rack Lo’s stealing spree is describe to the tee. Rack says:

“They lie when they say ” Nobody beats the Wiz”
Cause I walked out with a entertainment systems
And shipments of playstations for the kids.”

Over a banging beat this track is a classic in the making.

Other notables are ‘Presidents Day’, where US President’s and First Lady’s names are twisted around on Wu-Tang and Killarmy ‘Camouflage Ninjas’ instrumentals. ‘Skilligans Island’ is the posse cut where Rack’s people spit on the Tony Touch produced ‘Brooklyn Zoo’ track of the group with the same name.

Rack Lo, Thristin Howl III, and the First Ladee hold it down for real hip-hop fans everywhere. No friendly radio tracks are found here, just hard straight spitting. I wish there could have had more original beats on here and the First Ladee disappears for the second half the disk. It’s a terrific and long disc and you are told where to purchase it on track #20. Definitely one to pick up…

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