REVIEW: Serge Boogie – Amotivation / Eye Contact EP

Amotivation / Eye Contact EP

Artist: Serge Boogie

Album: Amotivation / Eye Contact EP

Label: Wrecluse Records

Rating: 6 / 10

Reviewer: A to the L

[ Please Note : This a double EP release, and was reviewed as such ]

The “Amotivation” half is the first half of the EP and was completed at the end of 1999. On first listening, two things become clear – firstly Serge Boogie is saying some shit, and secondly the beats are pretty wack. The whole thing reminded me of the first album by People Under The Stairs. And trust me, if you liked that, you will like this. Unfortunately for Serge Boogie – I don’t. Maybe its me but I just can’t get into the style that a lot of new school rappers have of fitting as many words as you can into each line. To me it often sounds rushed, and a lot of the lyrics just seem forced, as if they were just tossed out to complete a rhyme. There’s no doubt that Serge has a big vocabulary, but whats the point if you use it TOO much?

Another turn off is the production on this EP which is handled entirely by Squibcakes. The beats all seem to sound very alike, and at times if attention wasn’t paid, it would be difficult to realise that one track had ended, and the next had begun. The only track on here that I could say that I even slightly felt, would be ‘St. Ides Satire’, which has a bit of a story behind it, rather than the dictionary theme of the rest of the tracks.

This was made in late 1997, and was the one that got Serge his recognition from mags such as Vibe, Urb, and Fever. Despite the fact that this is almost 3 years old, it still sounds a hell of a lot better than the first EP. Production on this is practically all handled by Serge himself, which has resulted in a lighter feel to most of the tracks (NOT lightweight!). Also Serge’s whole flow is slower, which means less strain on the listener to try to catch what he’s spitting, and also less stress for Serge as he rhymes, resulting in him sounding a lot more confident on the mic, coming with a lot more presence. After hearing this, its almost hard to believe that this is the same artist from the first ish. It’s really hard sometimes to not compare rappers to other rappers, but as I’ve already compared Serge to PUTS, why stop now? For this EP, think J-Ro from the Alkaholiks. I’m definately feeling this EP. Beats and rhymes are both on point.

To the buying public – pick this up. Support underground artists who show promise (which this definitely has). The second EP is worth the entrance fee alone. To Serge – rethink your style man. And with the greatest respect, drop the Amotivation ish. Take it back to the “Eye Contact” days, and you’ll be straight.

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