REVIEW: Soopafly – Dat Whoopty Whoop

Dat Whoopty Whoop

Artist: Soopafly

Album: Dat Whoopty Whoop

Label: DPG Recordz

Rating: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Josh Scott

Soopafly’s debut LP “Dat Whoopty Woop” is comprised mostly of unused tracks from the Deathrow era. Much of the music was on his EP he released independently on Deathrow – all the drama with his fellow Dogg Pound members kept him from ever releasing anything officially. While Daz Dillinger made DP Records under Deathrow, which later broke off and became DPG Recordz, Soopafly was still binded to Deathrow by contract. But since DPG was started under Deathrow, a loophole in the contract allowed Soopafly to put this album together, and free him up to work with Snoop on Dogghouse/Doggystyle Records.

Since many of the tracks are old, I wasn’t expecting too much of this album. But since I’m a Soopafly fan, I decided to scoop it up.

1. “Yall Niggaz Betta Recognize”
Not the typical start to an album. A tight beat, but it sounds uneven. The main problem with Soopafly’s beats is there isn’t much variation, and the loops he uses are short and can get monotonous. This beat shows that. Still, Soopafly has one of the best flows in hip-hop. He ALWAYS comes correct on beats, and just rides them. This song thumps though…

2. “This Type Of Flow”
Oldschool sounding song. Soopafly uses a lot of vocal samples in his beats. Once again Soopafly shows off how good he can go with a beat. His lyrics aren’t always the greatest, but he has some witty lines. Once he gets going, he doesn’t stop until the end.

3. “Hell Ya (ft Tray Deee)”
Daz helped with this beat. This song has been on the “Whiteboyz” soundtrack, and I’m pretty sure it was on some other compilations, too. Soopafly rips it up on this song:

“I take NONE! / Niggas fuck around so I break one! / Hit you so hard, make you say ‘wuu!’ like you Raekwon! / Eight ton / lyrical style, never faked ’em / like I’m Puerto Rican, Cuban or Jamaican / you be always askin for money but never make none / hot one / these niggas got me bustin like a shotgun”

Tray Deee also comes in to rip it up, even though it sounds like he recorded his verse way later after it was made.

4. “Can I Git Bucc (ft Crooked I & Daz Dillinger)”
This is reminiscent of WC’s ‘Like That ‘with Daz, Ice Cube & CJ Mac or Kurupt’s ‘Step Up’ with Daz, Xzibit and Crooked I. Similar styled beats, with various MCs coming on to rip it up. I’m not into it that much, but it’s not really bad, just nothing outstanding or exciting on it. Well, that is until Crooked I comes to rip it up with a pretty tight verse. Crooked I definitely steals the show…

5. “Way Too Often (ft Kurupt)”
One of my favorite songs on the album. This was sort of an unofficial single, showing up on mixtapes all the way in New York. Both Soopafly and Kurupt don’t just flow, but say a line and redub the last word or phrase with a telephone type of effect on their voice. Hard to explain, but pretty tight. Once again Soopafly has vocals getting scratched up in the beat…

6. “Everyday (ft Lil C-Style, Tray Deee & Bad Azz)”
Very tight song, laid back style beat. They all ride the beat pretty good, this was back during the LBC Crew days (of which all the featured guests were part of). Soopafly comes up with some DOPE choruses, and this is another one. I’m pretty sure that’s Soopafly singing on this song (as well as others), and he’s suprisingly good at singing (check ‘I Don’t Know’ from Tha Eastsidaz “Duces & Trayz…”). This could be a summertime anthem.

7. “There Will Never Be Anotha (ft Daz Dillinger, Richie Rich & Gonzoe)”
Daz rips it up to start the song off. Richie Rich comes cool right after. The beat is sort of empty, though. Gonzoe brings it later on, reminding me of a younger Yukmouth on this song. Gonzoe is sort of an unofficial Outlawz member, by the way.

8. “Bacc 2 L.A. (ft Daz Dillinger & Xzibit)”
DOPE! I’ve been bumpin this song for a couple years now, but it still bangs. I love this song. Daz starting off his verse with a little singing is tight, too:

“Who am I, it’s the D-A-Z / give it to ya funky fresh, so lovely / Xzibit, Soopafly, Alkaholiks, D-P / West Coast MCs most definitely…I don’t like that shit…”

Then he ends his verse with X to tha Z coming in:

“Drop it like the 1-2-3″… “X to the Z rockin with the DPG!”

Dope verses from all, just a great song. Like Xzibit says, “it’s still khakis and chucks, what the fuck!”

9. “Like It Or Not”
Tied with ‘Bacc 2 L.A.’ as my favorite songs on the album. Just dope, mixing singing and rapping, a nice beat, just a tight song. I really like the chorus:

“We can fuck around a little / and get down a little / roll around the town
a little / Or we can fuck around a lot / let me hit the spot / tell me if ya like it or not…la la la la”

Great song, I’ma bump this a lot this summer…

10. “Dat Whoopty Woop (ft Snoop Dogg)”
An alright song, Snoop doesn’t add much to it though, except the chorus part. Soopafly comes a lot tighter. Beat is a little boring, but Soopafly’s verse makes up for it with some witty lines. I like the little bass break down every once in a while…

11. “Pimp City (ft Daz Dillinger)”
Daz and Soopafly trading verses is just gold (naw naw, platinum!). They’ve done so many tight songs passing the mic around (‘Put The Monkey It’, ‘Your Love Is The Shit’with Somethin-4-Tha-People). This is no exception. This song makes me want to ride around on a warm summer night.

12. “Phone Conversation”
Soopafly’s verses have an added telephone effect like he used previously, like he’s rapping through a phone. Actual pretty annoying. Reminds me of Mac Dre recording some albums from jail. Best part is Soopafly singing in the chorus, but the rest is unmemorable.

13. “Playin’ Games”
Someone would be able to ID the song he samples with this beat, sounds very familiar but can’t think of what it is. Once again though, he loops it over and over, while it should have some variation. Not really a bad song though, not great either.

14. “Why You Wanna Act This Way”
This song is pretty tight. Reminds me a lot of ‘Like It Or Not’, very similar. Not quite as good but still dope.

15. “Freak Freak”
A definite head nodder, bangin ass beat. Soopafly like always rides the beat perfectly, and his comedy is on shine here. Even though Soopafly has some of the dopest choruses, this one is minimal.

16. “Baby Boy”
What a standout song. Completely different from everything else on the album. The beat reminds me of a DJ Quik beat. Nice variation, too (finally). There is a female singer, but unfortunately I don’t have the case in front of me so I don’t know who it is. She’s not too bad. Soopafly never even raps on here, just shows off this singer and his beat. I’m feeling it…

So overall, damn good for an album thrown together with old tracks. If this is how good Soopafly is with old tracks, I can only imagine how tight he’ll be when he finally releases a new studio album. There are some definite bangers, some sleepers like ‘Phone Conversation’, but overall I’m pleasantly surprised it came out this good.

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  1. that singer from the last song is JEWEL from the old death row days…..the girl on the above the rim and murder was the case soundtrack 😉

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