REVIEW: The Weathermen – The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy

Artist: The Weathermen

Album: The Conspiracy

Label: Eastern Conference Records

Rating: 8 / 10

Reviewer: DJ MF

Breezly Brewin.
Tame One.
Camu Tao.
Yak Ballz.
Vast Aire.
Jakki Da Motamouth.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Weathermen. And that’s just the OFFICIAL members. From my understanding, things get a little Wu-Tangesque in terms of the size of this clique, especially when it comes to ‘associates’.

“The Conspiracy” isn’t the highly anticipated proper debut for the group however. Rather, in the style of G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-Unit and a ton of other hip hop artists nowadays, “The Conspiracy” is a mixtape, full of some new tracks, some old tracks, and a bunch of dubbed beats with new lyrics.

First things first- the dubbed tracks. They make up the majority of the LP, and for the most part, you won’t be disappointed. From the high paced energy of the Nas jack, ‘Made You Shit Your Pants’, to the hilarious Missy impersonation by El-P of all people on ‘Missy Done Justice’, you’ll find that the Weathermen have done a great job keeping to the spirit of the originals, but with their own twist. This is nowhere more apparent than on the two standout dubs on the compilation, ‘Fried Fish’ and ‘Columbus’. The former features Breezly Brewin, Tame One and Cage over the ‘Fish’ Ghostface beat, and Breezly in particular tears the hell out of the track an incredible flow and Tame kills it with lines like,

“For the Weathermen, the amphetamine takers
We run mics, punch you in the face just to tape it, like Bum Fights
Come pop pills with the rap Johnny Knoxville, Tame, the black John Wayne, things change”

The latter uses the ubiquitous ‘Back Down’ 50 Cent beat, but with the added bonus of Jakki and Copywrite teamed up over it. And like you’d expect, they put Fiddy to shame, with just straight battle venom, and Jakki once again showing why he should drop an LP RIGHT NOW-

“I run through 16 bars faster than an alcoholic Flash
I’m out with all this ass drinking full liquor
Only model chicks, the only catch is they freaks with full figures
I’m no joke tonite, I’ll use the glock to smoke the mic
And I’ma stab the engineer if he don’t mix the vocals right
You won’t stop this vigorous flow coming
Cuz you don’t got shit, like a nigga with no stomach”

With that being said, the strength of “The Conspiracy” lies in the original material. You’ve probably heard the Esoteric diss by Cage, ‘Beverly Crabs’ (originally ‘Boston Crabs’), which has aged pretty well, and ‘Slick Talkin’ by Tame One also appears here, although this time the J-Zone produced beat is bolstered even further by an outstanding guest appearance from Breezly Brewin. Also, even though the style of Vast Aire is very debatable, the track ‘Chris Lighty’, with Camu Tao, works, even though upon initial listen you’ll hate it. It’s definitely a ‘grow on you’ type of track, and is very similar to ‘Hold The Floor’ by Camu Tao, but with a lot less energy.

The two highlights of the original stuff though, are the remix to ‘5 Left In The Clip’ which features RJD2 production, and vocals by Copywrite, Breezly Brewin, Yak, Tame One and Cage, and the Copywrite solo track ’10 Times’ which features production by Przm. ‘5 Left In The Clip’ is classic RJ, utilizing the piano loop from the Eminem track ‘Guilty Conscience’, but extrapolating even further, and adding a great horn sample. It’s definitely miles ahead of the original. ’10 Times’ will be a love/hate track for many, although I personally think it’s amazing. It has a very ‘rock’ vibe to it, using lots of sampled guitars. However, the real highlight of the track is Copywrite, keeping in mind that he’s not doing anything you didn’t hear already on “The High Exhaulted”.

If “The Conspiracy” was meant to whet the appetite for the upcoming “Left Hand Path” LP, then the Weathermen have succeeded. Apart from the novelty of hearing some of the best in non-mainstream hip hop over mainstream beats, the original material definitely looks promising, and with the stable or producers at hand in addition to the quality lyricism, there shouldn’t be a problem living up to expectations.

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