REVIEW: Thirstin Howl II – Skillosopher


Artist: Thirstin Howl III

Album: Skillosopher

Label: Skillionaire Entertainment

Rating: 3 / 10

Reviewer: Dippi

There’s a good point and a bad point about this LP. The good part is that lyrically it’s straight flames… fuckin’ knockout blows. The bad part is that it’s done EXTREMELY wackly and amateurishly. It’s hard to take an LP that starts off with a jacked remake of ‘Whoa’ called ‘Stole’ seriously. The jacked instrumentals make this album sound very ameteur and hard to take serious. Not to mention that it starts off mad corny lyrics to match the corny beat. Don’t get me wrong, this guy can rhyme as shown in a couple joints, but most of the time I wouldn’t call what he does rapping, alot of times it’s more like he’s talking over the beat. If he had a flow, this could be a great LP, too bad he dosn’t. I mean, if this guy was a local cat and I saw him around I’d be like, “aiight, this kids pretty ill” but he’s only good…


Once you’re selling shit you gotta step it up a little bit. He does have some good tracks though. ‘How Many Babbee Mova’s’ is a funny and pretty original track and he can definatly bring the humor. “Don’t even ask, how the 6th one got pregnant when I came in her ASS!” and “My fourth baby mutha had her own baby mutha / made me wonder, lick-her(liquor) license for her tongue.” But comedy can only get so far. I still find this song funny, but I doubt after I’m done with this review, I’ll ever listen to it again. And everybody knows his lead single ‘The Polo Rican’ where he disses tons of clothing labels. I know I’m glad someone did it, but I still can’t bring myself to really listen to it or say I like it but remember the knowledge he drops “True b-boys, don’t wear Sean John”.

From there there’s some mediocre tracks and then ‘I Wanna Watch’. I love this song. It’s not only funny ass lyrics but it’s like one of the only songs where his flow is on point. Anyone thats ever dated a freak can relate with this joint. About his bisexual girl he’s dating “Like her style, and luxury, she loves pussy just as much as me.” And lines like “fingers all up in her ass (thats a backstage pass)” will have any guy rolling on the floor laughing, but one hot song does not an ill LP make. The ‘Tell Me If You Heard This Rhyme’ interlude was completely stupid and pointless, surprising from a guy I find so funny. Just hearing some wack kid spit the same wack rhyme three times in a row ain’t funny to me. ‘Russian Roulete’ is an alright track, it’s catchy and bouncy, but again, these jacked beats really detract from the value of the LP. I mean, I could always say his flow is off, but the beat is hype but then I realize it aint even original. Surprisingly, the freestyle with Mos Def is an ill track.

Why is his flow off all LP and then he freestyles and his flow is on point? I don’t know, but at least he can freestyle. Other than ‘I Wanna Watch’ in my opinion the only other good joint is ‘Watch Deez’ with Eminem, and thats ONLY because of Eminem. Eminem is the only person who could’ve saved Thirstin on this track. “I hate my life, that’s why I degrade my wife / got a paper plate to make a sandwich and just ate the knife.” Eminem is ill period, “Screamin at my shadow ‘please quit following me’ / these pills keep screamin ‘please quit swallowing me.” Well, my end decision on this is that the lyrics are tight, but his style is wack and flow is off through most of the LP.

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