RIP DJ Screw

RIP DJ Screw

It seems since I overhauled this site at the end of last month, all I seem to have done is post on fallen stars. Unfortunately this is another such post – today marks 5 years since the passing of DJ Screw.

While I listen to and appreciate screwed music, and even make some myself, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m merely dipping my toes in the water, and that my main exposure to it came after DJ Screw’s death. With that in mind, I think its better to let more knowledgable cats like Matt (and his comments section peoples) explain a little bit better about what the Screw movement was, and is, about…

I don’t really have a lot of actual DJ Screw stuff around, but here’s a few bits and pieces… to be honest these probably do the man a grave disservice – you’d be much better heading over to the ScrewShop and copping the real deal there…

DJ Screw: 2Pac – Hail Mary
DJ Screw: 2Pac – Ambitionz Az A Rider
DJ Screw: Black Rob – Whoa
DJ Screw: DMX – Slippin’
DJ Screw: Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Remix)
DJ Screw & Lil Keke – G Thang Freestyle
L-Swift – RIP DJ Screw
Lil Flip & Bizzy Bone – RIP DJ Screw
Lil Flip & Bizzy Bone – RIP DJ Screw (Screwed & Chopped)
(download it here)

4 Replies to “RIP DJ Screw”

  1. Damn, 5 years already?

    I couldn’t give a fuck about Screw (the music I mean, not the man), but Oct-Nov has been pretty fucked up…Rosa Parks, JMJ, ODB, DJ Screw…

  2. Screw Music ain’t for Everboby…you either hate it or love it, regardless you have to respect the music and the man. Screw brought something REAL to the game, many have tried to duplicate some good, (that “A to the L” Floetry joint “Say yes” I have “beat up” sooooo much coochie to that song…keep doing ya thing)some horrible, but all of em appreciated… And if you can’t feel screwed up music then it aint 4 you…So Pussy-Nigga kill ya’self cause it aint going nowhere!

  3. Dj Screw is the best in h town fuck who ever talks shit about him true G is in the house R.I.P SCREW

  4. If you want to hear some real DJ Screw, pick up “DJ SCREW, The Legend” from big tyme records, and “DJ Screw, Sentimental Value.” These are two fine examples of what screw really is about, being in a trance. These albums were chopped and screwed by DJ SCREW himself, not one of his friends. Anyone can do it, but nothing sounds as rugged as Screw’s work. They sound like old warped audio tapes. Screw’s voice can be heard on both of these albums.

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