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That’s right. The man with the initials that make you think of swear words involving your mother is back. Look at this new site.

No more shit coloured backgrounds. No more retarded and ridiculous scrolling windows. The man has finally done something right! Way to go A to the L- you’ve finally jumped on the blog bandwagon, 2 years late.

Good job buddy!

Things I’m thinking-

1)The Danger Doom album is just THAT fucking good. Front to back, this thing is butters. That’s right. I pulled out slang from 1997. Fuck y’all. People hate on Danger Mouse for having cliche beats- this is what’s called internet hip hop elitism. I’ll be the first to hate on anyone who the mainstream rock press adores, but I can’t front- Danger Mouse makes nice beats. And Doom? Perfect form on this album. I’m changing up and calling this shit an insta-classic. Fools don’t know. Like K-Feds music, it’s a 2008 banger son. No homo.

2)The Raptors finally won a game. Break out the ticker tape parade. The Bengals lost to the Colts. I became sincerely aggravated by the idiots broadcasting the game who basically gave a reacharound to Peyton Manning for the Colts offense, even as the Bengals were within 1 fucking TD most of the game.

3)Last year I dropped 4 bills on an iPod. Not even one year later, a colour iPod is out for 100 bucks cheaper. Fuck you Apple.

4)I love my iPod though.

5)Why do people sweat Jada? (yes they’re homo). He’s the most ridiculously boring MC out of NYC in the past 10 years. What has he brought to hip hop that makes you go, ‘Holy shit LOL he’s brought some hot shit to hip hop?’. Nothing. He makes that ridiculous crow noise between verses, uses generic Just Blaze beats for everything, and hasn’t said an original thing in his lifetime. Even his ‘big’ track, ‘Why’, or ‘What’ or whatever the hell it was called was nothing more than bullshit internet propaganda articulated over a sappy beat. If he hadn’t mentioned Dubya in the track, it wouldn’t have broken any charts period. I can vividly (well not really) recall a, you guessed it, internet discussion, where the merits of Ras Kass vs. Jadakiss were went over. Doesn’t that shit sound funny?

6)Good idea jeans-

GZA/Muggs pairing
Wu-Tang/indy MCs
Adult Swim

7)Bad idea jeans-

Chopped and screwed music. All of it.

8)ODB died and was born a few weeks ago. My favorite non-ODB album track- ‘Hip Hop Drunkies’. Fucking splendid. Rest in peace.

Fuck y’all.


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  1. Maaaaan!
    Danger Mouse makes. Serviceable beats. He makes 90s beats. He makes standard beats. He makes decent beats.

    At a pinch they might be “nice” or “pleasant” even, but thats about it. Fuck that internet elitism shit, thats an album of decent beats with one of the worlds greatest rappers doing nothing new over the top. Not classic, not awful, just another album to play if you’ve played the classic ones to much one month.

    Stop clutching at straws.

  2. By the way, I initially ignored much of your post cos I was looking at the pretty pictures. Now I’ve read it, I’d like to cosign beezer’s opinion. Dangermouse is an onion… he is the nyquil of production, the 9th Wonder of the underground etc etc…

    he’s poo on a stick, basically…

  3. Cmon now. 9th Wonder has never made a beat I’ve even remotely found interesting. Hmm, actually that ‘No Comparison’ track with Buck was ok…but it wasn’t exactly fire either. Regardless, you’re a hater too.

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