“Whatever comes up, come out…

…we don’t put our hands over our mouths”

Freshco & Miz

Only the interviews archive left to port over… should do that in the next day or two…

Its been both a pain in the ass AND refreshing as hell changing to a new look again. A pain in the ass because having to copy and paste old text is boring as hector, and I could be spending my time doing other things – like eating, or watching TV, or working on a new radio mix (100.7 The Beat represent), or eating. But its also been refreshing, because its got my creative juices flowing again (no homo), and I’m looking forward to getting back to work and giving this site the attention its been lacking lately.

So while I finish getting the interviews up, here’s some stuff to click on and download to keep your attention…

In the vein of Clear Channel radio stations having ‘throwback’ themed days and then ‘throwing back’ to the ‘old school’ of 1996 etc… here’s a THROWBACK VIDEO OF THE DAY! (props to the nice lady fresh@cad)

Beanie’s back in the bing due to his ding-a-ling.

My main man, the Count, signed to Fat Beats. No excuses now for not being able to find the man’s stuff in the sto’. “Begborrowsteal” review will finally, finally be up here soon too.


Oh and here’s a talk show host doing his best to get fired as he presents a segment which covers people dealing with having vocal impediments. It’s not in english, but it doesn’t need to be.

Today’s listening list
Barbara Mason – Give Me Our Love
Brother Ali – Forest Whitaker
Chrome – Inhale
DJ Noize ft Maylay Sparks – Fantastic
Freshco & Miz – We Don’t Play
Incognito ft Jocelyn Brown – Always There
Sugarcubes – Hit
(download it HERE – and can y’all cats STOP fucking with megaupload and jump on rapidshare.de with the quickness please?)

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