A classic you haven’t heard.


Not much time to write lately, surprise surprise, but I just rediscovered a song that I’ve loved for a very very long time. Going back a few years in Canadian hip hop, there was a group called Nefarius. It was comprised of 3 members- MC Collizhun, Don D, and Kwesro. It’s not an understatement to say that the trio were basically the best thing to come out of Canadian hip hop during the late 90’s- innovative beats provided by Don D, and two MC’s that oozed uniqueness in Collizhun (who sported a more bugged out Kardinal type flow) and Kwesro (the more ‘traditional’ MC of the two).

Thing is, they never really released much music. There was a 6 track 7 inch EP that was dropped a while back that featured 3 complete songs, and a number of instrumentals. There were mixtape appearances. But never a whole LP of new material, as far as I know. Then in 1999/2000 (can’t remember the exact year), Kwesro passed away mysteriously one night in his sleep. Quite shocking at the time, and completely unexpected.

Shortly after his death, Nefarius as a group folded. Don D. went on to become a member of noted Canadian production team, Tone Mason. Collizhun has continued to release solo material in the form of dubplates and small singles, but has never really broken through as many expected. And thus ended something that started out with so much potential. For the few songs that were there while they were around though, it was something special.

The ‘official’ website of the group can be found here, including a message from Don D.-


And here’s ‘Pondering’…spectacular.

Nefarius – Pondering

And I’m out.


8 Replies to “A classic you haven’t heard.”

  1. Alright you owl-loving MFer. I’ll fill in some stuff: MC Collizhun’s moved to Brooklyn. He released a mixtape this year, which I actually bought called “Tough Dumplin Stereotypes: When White Girls Date Black Guys” and I thought it was actually pretty good. Two good songs from there are “Domino” and “Me and Kwesro”.

    His new website: http://www.toughdumplin.com/

  2. oh shit – homeboy Collizhun sent me a link to that site and an mp3 of that When White Girls Date Black Guys track…

    it was fucking awful…

    end of story…

  3. It’s not so much that that particular song sucks, it’s that the song isn’t very good.

    Really though, his other stuff is quite good.

  4. no he sent it about 4 weeks ago, and I wrote the shit off as some kind of wack gimmick… like the rapper on crutches, or the rapper with no limbs – I deleted those shits too…

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