Deaf Jam tells you who I am…

Foxy Brown

Poor Inga is deaf as a post. Many would argue this actually could have been diagnosed years ago when it was plain that she couldn’t hear anything her stylist was saying to her about not dressing in the dark.

Poor Inga.


Other quick stuff

I’m working on a couple of new reviews right now. The first one up will probably be the new Eminem thingy. I know its all went a bit Interscope crazy recently, but hey, what can you do? Its not like this ALL the time. At least I’m don’t have to suck their dicks off like others.

Support Mistajam. Big fella is doing the business (no homo) on 1Xtra, not just on his own show, but now standing in for Skitz with Rodney P. Check it out, and give him a supportive email.

New Count Bass D & Oriana Lee music HERE

Pharrell media player


No listening list today… apologies – I can’t be arsed putting the shit together. I’ll make it up to you ungrateful shites the next time.

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