“I’m about to leave New York I can’t stay…

…The way shit is goin’ I might have to get away
All day tryin’ to hit me with prices I can’t pay
Niggas bust the guns, got to duck and stray

Sadat -X

The Christmas Eve edition of the rapper-friendly New York Post reports this doozy in its usual non-inflammatory way…

“A rapper who describes himself as a “Wild Cowboy” allegedly acted like an Old West gunslinger this week when he waved a large pistol at three teens in Harlem, police said yesterday.

Hip hop star Sadat X, of the group Brand Nubian, allegedly boasted “I’m going to kill everybody” as he flashed a loaded .40-caliber black Beretta at a group of 18-year-olds at West 158th Street and Broadway Thursday, according to cops. Police sources said X also told the youths, “I’m looking for a guy with braids.”

After cops from the 33rd Precinct were called to the scene, the victims pointed out X, who was still standing across the street with the pistol. When police attempted to arrest the 37-year-old, whose real name is Derek Murphy, he ran. He was tackled quickly. He was arraigned yesterday in Manhattan Supreme Court on charges of criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest.”

Someone needs to tell him that Lord Jamar cut his braids off years ago, and there’s easier ways to get him back in the studio than this. Or maybe he’d just put down the pipe long enough to hear that Busta was cutting off his shits, and was on his way to convince him that it was a bad career move (I feel for you Larenze Tate.) Bad luck Derek – you’re only a couple of weeks too late. Happy Holidays! (Someone get this man a new hat and haircut please.)

In other rapper-related legal news, you’ve all probably heard that Inga was in trouble again in court for sticking her tongue out at the judge in her slap-a-nail-technician trial. Gangsta. Its only a matter of time before she steps up to driveby pea-shooting and organised chinese burns for those who disrespect her. Happy Holidays!


MTV’s Greatest Hiphop LPs of all time – I don’t give a fuck Kool Herc himself made this list – the fact that “It Takes A Nation” is at NUMBER FUCKING TEN means that this list can automatically be called a complete pile of shite. LOL @ Jigga and Biggie being above “Nation”, “Death Certificate”, and “Niggaz4Life”.

As for “Paid In Full” – its not even one of the top 20 Hiphop albums ever recorded, never mind number one – EBAR made some of the most influential Hiphop 12’s ever… but their albums were all a bit poo.

UPCOMING… Biggie Duets review coming when I can be arsed… its a laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy day today.


Last minute Christmas present ideas..
I want all the basketball ones

If you’re a tightarse

Shite presents

USB heated slippers

Today €™s listening list
Cookie Crew – I Got To Keep On
Dobbie Dobson – Carry The Weight
Move.Meant – The Rebirth
Oakhill Boyz – Same Thang
Sway – Month In The Summer
T.Tauri – RMHH vs The World
Willis Drummond – Its A Stick-Up
(download it here)

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  1. Great stuff man. What is the deal with Derek X, he sure is a long way away from those Brand Nubian “Feels so good” days..lol I agree with you bro about that list, even though I’ve seen worse, the mere fact that “It takes a Nation..” was at number 10 is utterly disgusting. Did you see the asinine arguments they were having about P.E, saying that “Fear of a Black Planet” was better? Friggin’ idiots, the whole lot ot them!!..lol Happy Holidays!!

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