“Back on the scene, crispy and clean…

…you can try, but then why, cos you can’t intervene…”


After a few days of copying old files and shit, its time to present the new-look RMHH.com site. As you may or may not know, RMHH is the sister newsgroup of alt.rap, the old lady who gives this site its very name. As a regular layabout on the group, I felt it only right to try to lend a hand when it came time to redo the site’s look. Yes, its basic… but its clean and functional, and it does the trick… so um… YAY! Feel free to join in the discussion on rmhh – full details on the site.

As if that wasn’t enough, a few whippersnappers from back in the sleepy motherland brought up the subject of Hiphop blends, and rather than drop a Game acappella over a 50 Cent beat (like some people lazily get away with), or drop a Game acapella over something by the Stranglers (like the whitebelts do), I thought I’d pull out some of the heat from a couple of months ago. Still in the ‘maybe-I’ll-use-maybe-I-won’t’ pile these blends were done either for radio work or for the on/off mixtape I’ve been threatening to drop for the last 4 years (I see you Raj and Mistajam.)


A to the L – Blend School 1
A to the L – Blend School 2


Punctuation-strewn email of the day
Mense- Don’t Want You (Papoose Diss!!)
CrackAudio.com: What was the reason behind “Don’t Want You” that was just released?
Mense: Basically a mixtape dropd called papoose vs mense that slay and papoose got real heated about. Slay then started sending out emails and goin around tryna blackball the tape and me. So after that i felt it was time to take a stand cause even before the tape droped nyc been dying from what slay and papoose are doing. They been havnin the no. 1 unsigned artist slot for 2years wit platinum features and prime slot time and madness that makes it impossible for these other rappers to come up and get deals they deserve. labels aint signing ny rappers cause the most famous one cant make a song that lasts for more than 1 week. rappers like stack bundles, flawless, murder mook, remo da rapstar and tons of others woulda been saved ny if they had the same unfair advantages as slay giving papoose. dude has been around forever and now that my album is done and we bout to start shoping theres no way ima let a 28yr old ringer who been around since 97 continue to make these A&R’s believe u need million dolla features and prime slot time to b the hotest unsigned artist on the market.

Mense – Don’t Want You (Dirty Version)
Mense – Don’t Want You (Clean Version)

Download Both Versions:
Click here to download Mense – Don’t Want You

Oh and Cam dissed Jay-Z, and Nas signed to Def Jam. Then Sue married her sister’s second husband Todd, who was having an affair with Keith from his office’s accounting firm. Jeff’s mother had a stroke, and Bobby’s father was arrested for the murder of Dorothy.

Bun-B ft Pimp-C & Young Jeezy – Get Throwed (Remix) (MP3 download)

Ghostface Live Trailers for “Fishscale”
Please Def Jam – don’t fuck this up…
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Real Player

Today’s listening list
Artifacts ft Busta Rhymes – C’mon Wit Da Git Down (Remix)
Bubba Sparxx – Disappear
LL Cool J – I’m That Type Of Guy
Organised Konfusion – Walk Into The Sun (Remix)
Rob-O ft Pete Rock – Top Notch Microphonist
Steady B ft KRS-One – Serious (Remix)
(download it here)

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