Fuckwit of the year


Break out the coin-filled sock, and please hit this lunatic right in his fucked-up jaw. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, the ‘saviour of Hiphop’ proclaims…

“I’m the most controversial artist this year,”

“I’m saying that as an observation, not as a stunt; from the outside looking in, you know?”

And of course he deserved the Rolling Stone cover, because…

“You should give it to me because I’m doing my job,”

“I’m making good music, and it’s interesting and changing the world and everything, so you put me on the cover. I appreciate it. I don’t want to come off, like, ungracious, but I feel like I had to fight to get on these covers.”

Fuck off please you over-rated twunt.

(jacked from dlisted, who’s comments section is full of complete spanners, it seems…)

*edit* Bol knows whats up… so does Fresh

*edit pt 2* and speaking of fuckwits, don’t think I missed this tosspot getting a big front page graphic and a feature interview on Allhiphop.com a few days ago. Christ, knows how much coke-ah-yeen-ah was being sniffed the day that decision was made…

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  1. Kanye is easily the most UNcontroversial artist out there. How the hell does this moron spend his day if he believes he’s changing the world in any which way? I wish the doctors had left all the wires in his jaw, so he’d shut up and focus on making decent beats.

  2. kanye west and all the crap you see every minute on mtv shoud be illegal. All those twats set a bad impression towards hiphop. Fuck kanye west and retarded ambition for money.

  3. Kanye West is the George Bush of the rap game, aka a hypocrit and a jack ass. I think he makes good beats, but that gives him no right to rap. He could be the most overrated MC of all time. Honestly, the only good verse he ever had was on gone… “and that make me wanna get my advance out, and move to oklahoma and just live in my aunt’s house, yeah, i romance at the thought of leavin it all behind, Kanye step away from the Lime, light…” I wish you would have. i wonder how much Rolling Stone paid a make up artist to put a bunch of shiny mud on your face, and wrap your ignorant head in overpriced thorns. _The _Orphan (Chicago, IL)

  4. Fucking Kanye man, this nigga keeps getting more and more ridiculous as time goes on!! It is a shame cuz I remember hearing “Through the wire” like 6 months before it firts debuted on mtv and was like “DAMN this is some next shit!!” The first album was and is a classic no doubt, then he just SOLD OUT bottom line! With fame his ego just grew n grew n grew n grew until it surpassed even Jigga’s!! For real he shoulda taken a cue from his THEN fellow “backpacka rappas” De La Soul and stopped EGOTRIPPIN!!
    The “Late Registration” album is the most OVERRATED album of ;05 and one of the most overrated of ALL TIME! Rolling Stone made it the number one album of the year, what the fuck is so GROUNBREAKING about it sheeet SLIM THUGGAS album is more groundbreaking and diverse than this sub par shit! And again it’s a shame cuz Kanye is talented no doubt, but he just killed it with his ernormous ego and his forgetting where he came from in less than 2 FUCKING YEARS! Not 4 nothing but NAS already did the Jesus with the Crown of Thornz thing like what…8 years ago??? Remember that bitch ass nigga DIDDY did it too but his pastor( was it Pastor Ma$e by any chance hahaha ) warned him against it. You bitch ass niggas, diddy and Kanye and all like them…YA’LL AIN’T HIP HOP!! Kanye is not hip hop anymore he is POP just like 50 snitch motherfucker Cent and Britney Spears and the rest of their ilk! I could give a fuck that he is on the RS cover with a crown o’ thorns, it doesn’t surprise me in the least what with his overblown ego getting more swole everyday! All I gotta say is I hope Kanye goes back to the CHI and runs into some Vice Lords or sumtin, THEN what ya gonna do?? You bitch ass nigga you!

  5. Oh by the way…NYC to tha fullest Wash Heights to the fullest Que lo Que OYE! Yeah to the Chi ya’ll need to crucify this nigga Kanye, i mean, that’s what he WANTS isn’t it?? Thing is I don’t see him rising up after 3 days!!! Hahaha bitch ass nigga Kanye you a shame for real! Only nigga reppin the Chi to tha fullest still is TWISTA, Com moved to Brooklyn and as hot as his last album “BE” is, guess who executive produced that shit???

  6. Damn, some serious hate on he-yah. Kanye’s full of shit though. You jack that “Twunt” shit from Rescue Me?

  7. Last I heard the Com ma be residing in BK, probably in a 2 million dollar brownstone in Park slope, but he may have moved since. All I know is Com reps it for Chi still to this day, even though he may be 1,000 miles away it’s all gravy. no hate on Com he stayed humble in my eyes, Missa West on the other hand…

  8. Hmm.. so I guess this proves Kanye is 10 times more of a ho then we thought he was already. The problem is though that he not only believes his own hype, but it keeps getting bigger and so does the number of people that believe it. If I hear another shitty impression of that little Ray Charles intro before Gold Digger again, I’m bustin some fucking heads. It’s so damn overplayed, and Kanye isn’t giving shit bout what he’s rapping bout. Plus I hate his “skills” or whatever he claims is the reason why his albums should be considered “classics” – rhyming the same word three times in a row is NOT skills, nor is pronouncing words in a weird ass way to get a decent rhyme through. Like you said in some earlier review, Kanye needs to keep his ass in the production booth (actually putting in as much effort as he did a year or so ago) and stay off the mike permanently. Pity that he and that shit he put out this year are nominated for 8 FUCKING GRAMMYS! He doesn’t deserve anything except a big ass slap in the face for his “efforts” this year. And yea, he’s definitely NO Christ. Speaking of Christ, that’s whose support Camron’s gonna be beggin for when the Jiggaman dusts his mike off and destroys him. Who the hell does he fucking think he is? That link to the “borrowing” of other emcees’ lines is FUCKING APPALLING. Jesus, he even stole lines from “Stan” of all songs. He’s probably also stolen some of Jigga’s lines – people just haven’t found them yet. What a hypocrite.

  9. Here’s a little hint for all of yo. Rap is TALKING. TAAALK-ing. Its what 3 year olds do. There has not been an origional sound in music, especially the abomination that rap is, since the sugar hill gang. Its all been samples, remixed and borrowed or stolen.
    If rap is music, then I am also a star. I can talk – wheres my contract, my bee-otches, my Escalade, gold teef-uhs and bling, yo?

    Any fucking ghetto moron, who happens to land a contract is just another motherfucker advertising the life they escaped. And then there are 1000 little rock slinging thugs who hear this fecal tone and think that to perpetuate the poverty, drug dealing and violence sounds like the shit.

    Thank these multi million dollar bruthas and sistas for raping the communities they claim to remember of cash, and then helping them, by virtue of the subject matter they talk about to stay right there in the ghetto and die.

    Here’s a hint for kanye – black rap has killed more young brothers than the white man ever can – why not pop a cap in your own ass and help the cause, yo?

  10. Here’s a hint for kanye – black rap has killed more young brothers than the white man ever can – why not pop a cap in your own ass and help the cause, yo?”

    i liked this part best…

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