“Honey dripper – sucker sipper – big dipper – sucker dripper”

“Drippin’ suckers like it €™s goin outta style”

Flavor Flav

I was all set to do a blow by blow account of the new Flavor Flav reality TV show, “Flavor Of Love” but I’m not going to for two reasons…

1) I was 2 days too late in getting round to watching it,
2) When I did it was horrific to watch – so horrific that after this post I may never mention it again.

(edit… foxxxylove does it better anyway)

The phrase ‘flies round shite’ came to mind as this procession of women females hoes all vied for the attention of the man who is rapidly doing more to tarnish PE’s image, than any amount of Professor Griff Jew-hating interviews ever could. And even if PE’s musical output is not to everyone’s taste these days, the good stuff that Chuck and co continue to do away from the music is ever more at risk of being ignored by a media more intent on focusing on a PE member making a complete wanker of himself. Others feel the same way – Exhibit A. Chuck D’s take from this time last year.

In the absence of any Flav related nonsense then, lets hear praise for the fact that THE PIMP IS FREE! Also hail to the Gucci Mane who has had his murder charges dropped. Maybe he’ll get out and take back some of this spotlight that Jeezy has wrested away from him in his absence.

Bringing it back to reality tv for a hot second – what’s the deal with the man-tits on Young MC? Celebrity Fit Club is THAT CRACK! And the man had the nerve to say that he found it hard to carry his extra weight when he was ripping it on stage… when? When was this? Did I miss something? And yes… although I am quick to point out how much of a clown the media is making of Flav and my distaste for it, I have absolutely no problems about Young MC and Bizarre from D-12 being forced to swing their titties for my amusement (no homo). And what the fuck happened to Kelly LeBrock… she’s been raiding the fridge every night for the past 20 years by the looks of things.

Anyway… here’s some media and music and other stuff you might want to check…

On The Outs
Aprovocative, hard hitting look at 3 young girls who made all the wrong choices. ‘On The Outs’ puts a face on at risk youth in America.
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QuickTime Large

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Matisyahu – King Without A Crown
Windows Media Player
Real Player

Scarface feat Z-Ro, Juvenile & Petey Pablo – Pimp Hard
MP3 download

Trilltown Mafia – Twinkle Twinkle
MP3 download

Keak Da Sneak feat Damani – Gotta Stay Paid
MP3 download

Today’s listening list
Defari – Killing Spree
Goapele – Good Love
Messy Marv feat Mississippi – Baby
Peter Tosh – East Side, West Side
Princess – Say I’m Your Number One
Project Pat – Ballers
Stone Roses – Fools Gold
(download it here)

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