Big Pun – 6 Years

RIP Big Pun

RIP Big Pun

Now should I slit my wrists, go for it all or call it quits
Picture me taking my life, leaving my wife and my daughter shit
Wish I could slip back, and switch the memories
Lift the felonies from my record I respected my enemies
Live like the Kennedy’s, above the law, fuck em all
I’m coming for the rich thieving em even if I wasn’t poor
I seen it all like I said before
The streets are for men at war and the beasts are the predators
I shed it all first and beat a prob every source?
Of course, I bury any adversary tryin to floss
Just because, the reason I leave em lost in the sauce
Teein off like we up North just for bein soft
A beaten horse like a slave gettin minimum wage
Fillin’ the gauge, front page, these are the last days

Big Pun tribute mix

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