Bow Wow in ‘being a tool’ shocker…

Gleaned from that girl Fresh… with this nice commemorative cover googled up online and ‘adjusted’ by moi…

Bow Wow is a tool

Flo’ of New York recently reported that So So Def attended a brunch which included a lot of other industry artists. Some from the 60’s and some from 2006. In this case, Bow Wow in some strange way came into contact with Ronald Isley of the Isley Brothers. I don’t know if Bow Wow had eaten a pack of Ex-Lax before he attended the function, but apparently he had diarrhea of the mouth. He approaches Ronald Isley with, “My album went gold in it’s first week. How many gold albums do you got?” Ronald couldn’t believe what he was hearing. But Ronald replied with, “I don’t have any gold albums . . . But I got 23 platinum albums.” Jermaine Dupri overheard the convo and spree’d over to Bow Wow and told him, “Bow Wow, cool out man. . . You don’t even know who you talkin’ to right now.” MC Serch of WJLB radio replied, “What the hell is wrong wit’ Bow Wow?”

This comes on the heels of him dismissing the career of Will Smith with a wave of an ice-encrusted hand in a recent XXL. Of course we ALL dismiss William’s current recording moves, but this young whippersnapper was talking poo about him while referring to his early Fresh Prince days, when he was touring with PE and Eric B & Rakim was actually a hero for many of us oldies. A fact that young Bow Weezy may have missed since he wasn’t fucking born then.

Oh well.

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  1. Best news story in a while. Ron is my favourite singer ever and Bow Wow is a little shmuck. I think more exchanges like this should be reported to bolster my worldview. Peas.

  2. BowWow – another example of what happens when you give kids too much freedom. C’mon, we all knew he was gonna grow up to be a little punk ass from the minute we saw him. Just me telling it like it is…cuz that’s what I do.


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