Immigration is dope – when its finished.

For those who have been following my sorry tale of immigration to the USA over the past couple of years, it thankfully came to an end today with my permanent residence application approved. Green card will be in my mitt in around 2-6 weeks. The nightmare endth here, thank Christ. And it was a fucking nightmare from top to bottom.

Anyway, here’s a suitably themed patriotic poster of sorts to celebrate. Oh, and Officer Nottz in the ATL – you’re still a complete CUNT. And Kwaj – fuck you too. Fuck you twice. (No homo)

YAY for Uncle Sam.

Peace to the UK branch of rmhh – y’all know who you are. Peace to Shane Mills. Peace to all the other record labels, artists, random hangers-on, and weed-carriers who have all got in touch throughout this shit to offer support of any kind.

I’m taking a few days off from this bollocks. I’ll be back on Sunday, with a load of reviews.

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    I bet you’re over the fucking moon. Well done. Gotta get dragged through the immigration shit myself right about…now! 😉

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