REVIEW: Blak Prophetz – The 2nd Coming

The 2nd Coming

Artist: Blak Prophetz

Album: The 2nd Coming

Label: FJ Entertainment

Rating: 4 / 10

Reviewer: Nick D

Although it is certainly true that an artist €™s consistent use of self-praise can be an effective technique in creating an entertaining album, it is important to note that an over-reliance on sterile boasting can just as easily ruin the project. All too often, it seems, MCs spend each verse on each track of their records plainly proclaiming just how dope they are while altogether failing to creatively prove their declarations. As a result, an album of this sort is almost always shallow and disappointing.

The new Blak Prophetz LP, €œThe 2nd Coming, € is a perfect example. On the album, obscure MCs Sure Shot, Retro, and Willie B consistently employ impotent hypothetical insults and inappropriate braggadocio while completely failing to provide the listener with anything that he or she has not heard before. Consequently, Blak Prophetz fall short of living up to their own grandiose self-promotion.

The beats, which are handled by group factotum Sure Shot, are either unbelievably bland or are nearly exact copies of another producer €™s work. For instance, the production on the album €™s title track, €˜The 2nd Coming, €™ is almost identical to that of €˜Cash Still Rules €™ found on €œWu-Tang Forever. € Occasionally between tracks, Sure Shot even includes the now commonplace Kung-Fu flick sample, complete with dialogue and sound effects.

The problem with the production is twofold. First and most obviously, Sure Shot is directly appropriating the works of other producers. Because of this, the production rightly comes off as unoriginal and unimaginative. Secondly, these replica beats are by far the most exciting and intriguing on €œThe 2nd Coming, € ensuring that the album feels dated.

Following suit, the lyrics are equally tired, flat, and flavorless. Utilizing only the most overused lines in rap, Blak Prophetz are unable to raise the bar lyrically as is shown on €˜Unreal Torment, €™ the album €™s ninth track:

€œNo need to act a thug
And brag about guns
€˜Cause them faggots ain €™t real
They more like nuns €

Only the old school track €˜What is Rap, €™ which features Tony Tone, briefly breaks the monotony. On the track, Blak Prophetz chronicle the origins of hip-hop while citing their own distaste with rap €™s turn toward commercialism. Although this has certainly been done before, it is a nice change of pace. Blak Prophetz would certainly be more enjoyable if they continued with the less complicated, old school flow.

If €œThe 2nd Coming € is any indicator, then Blak Prophetz have a difficult time presenting worthwhile material, and when they do, it is not their own. This is definitely not a good combination when trying to survive in the underground scene. For anyone looking for groundbreaking rap, this album is not recommended.

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  1. Hey…it’s quite clear that you are somewhat bitter or unsure of yourself. How the hell can you say Sure Shot’s production is bland or rip off Wu Tang?? Do you happen to know that this dude Sure Shot was producing beats when you were a mere clap germ in ya pops pants??? How can someone rip off another producers production when they been producing tracks before them?. Did you even listen to the album you dick fuck!!. Your comments reflect someone who has no real knowledge of Hip hop production or the art in its self. Grow up kid, get a life and stop feeling jealous. You can throw all these comments about a group who has more clarity and purpose than a good many nu skool artists who’s dick you wish you suck on, But get real kid and don’t down-talk niggers who’s game is real cause face it boy…The lp was dope and the whole world says so except for a cock suck’in little freak white boy like you.

    I’ve followed everything these cats made, and they did a show in NYC last year and it was dope…so wake up and smell the coffee. You on the wrong planet kid..Next time you choose to write a comment on cats you don’t know make sure you can back your shit up cause they I seen them role with Ultra and other respected old skool hard cats who respect their art. So a simple word of warning, if you got balls say who you are instead of hiding behind Bill Gate’s toys, you fuck’in cock suck’in nu skool faggot!!

  2. Wait a second, I got a link here of this very same Altrap website reviewing this very same Lp last year saying how good it was and how you thought the track “The illest” was dope and had a killer bassline…so if you don’t mind me asking, what triggerd this 2nd review?? Why has this Lp been reviewed twice? once in 2005 with good comments and now with total bullshit in 2006…No wonder you guys need a fucking donation via Pay-fuckin-pal, How the fuck can you let dick heads like Nicky dickless write comments like this almost 6 months to a year after the fuck’in release. Make more use of ya time and review Vanilla Ice…you sperm drop!!

  3. Oh dear…

    If you’re going to toss insults around, then please make sure they’re going to the right person. I didn’t write the album review, genius, that was Nick D (who at least put his name to his review, instead of the amazing play on words you did in the comments section to avoid putting your name or email address here.)

    Secondly, Nick wrote the comments ‘6 months to a year’ after the release, because that’s when I passed him the album to review. I forgot there was a law in place that didn’t allow you to review older albums.

    Thirdly… please provide a link to “this very same Altrap website reviewing this very same Lp last year saying how good it was”… I certainly can’t find it. I did however review the ‘With FX’ SINGLE in Dec of 2002, and thought it was very good. Even on that single though, they borrowed heavily from Primo’s signature sound. (I guess though that comparing them to another artist when its a GOOD review doesn’t matter so much does it?)

    Anyways, I guess you can’t understand that different people have different opinions and tastes, and that what might be a great album to some people, may come off as no better than average to others. Don’t worry, a wider view of the world will come as you begin to pass through puberty. With that in mind, I stand behind anything any of the site’s review team write. That’s why sometimes albums I like often get a review that I don’t agree with. Like this. However censoring views that don’t fall in line with what I think, would be wrong, and so I roll with these reviews as much as the ones that I agree with. This ain’t The Source.

    Finally, oooooooooh they role with Ultra. I’m quaking now. I’ll have to mention to Kool Keith when I speak to him next week that he’s meant to be kicking my ass because my site put up a negative review of some cats Ced Gee worked with. Its a review, dunny – they’ll get more bad ones, and more good ones throughout their career… I guess if they or their little band of followers have to threaten violence at the smallest sign of some negative criticism, then I’m sure I can dig out the number of a decent shrink to deal with those insecurity issues. Didn’t you know internet threats are for 12 year olds? (btw, so is this –
    “So a simple word of warning, if you got balls say who you are instead of hiding behind Bill Gate’s toys, you fuck’in cock suck’in nu skool faggot!!”)

    Oh and as for this “Do you happen to know that this dude Sure Shot was producing beats when you were a mere clap germ in ya pops pants???” that falls into the terrority of ‘not commenting on cats you don’t know’… unless Sure Shot has invented time travel, I doubt your above statement is true. There’s a lot of us old Hiphop cats around, y’see.


  4. First up …if you or your writer buddy has any idea of production then you name any track Primo has done that is similar to the Blak Prophetz productions..Call Primo and make your damn claim of a copy cat..”idiot”

    Second, The Wu tang track you claim they copied

    1)Lasts about 2 mins
    2)Has no gaps from start to end
    3)Contains 3 Mc’s
    4)Has no dropins from the movie the Mack
    5)and the entire lyrics is based on a totally different subject

    Whers you damn evidence of a copy in production “dick brain!!” If you make the claim it sounds like then be positive but don’t accuse

    You kid who writes needs to listen close..

    1) The 2nd coming contains 3 verses from 2 mc’s
    2) It’s based on the effects of arrival of the band coming again
    3) The loop or production contains piano, a male vocal unlike the Wu tang track which contains a female vocal

    face it..son..The evidence stacked up against you fucked you in the ass and turned you so gay you got jelouse…Please You or ya man lay your evidence or accusation of a copy cat track from Wu Tang. you accusatiion carry’s no weight and its shit like that which makes you and your whole damn site bullshit…

    Please conduct real reviews instead of accusing artists of bootleggin or copying other artists productions…Call Kool Keith if you like..Like I said, Them cats role with hard cats….Watch your damn mouth..The shit you stir you will be forced to eat…”Fuck’in faggot”


    It’s fools like you who make it hard for real Hip hop to survive…Like I said b4, Make more use of ya time and review Vanilla Ice…you sperm drop!!

  5. hilarious…

    let me state this again since you obviously didn’t read well the first time…


    So I didn’t claim anything. Nick D said the PRODUCTION was identical, so it really doesn’t matter how many emcees are on it, the length, or the lyrics, as these are not aspects of the production.

    As for the Primo thing… obviously you’re having trouble understanding both criticism and praise, and how they work in a review. Coke tastes like Pepsi, therefore its SIMILAR to Pepsi. It’s not however, Pepsi. ‘With FX’ sounds like it could have been produced by Primo, it uses similar kicks and snares, and carries a vibe similar to Primo’s signature production style. Does ‘Mass Appeal’ sound like Primo’s remix of Robbie Robertson’s ‘Take Your Partner’? Of course not. But are they identifiable as Primo’s work? Yes. Because they carry his SIGNATURE sound. Therefore in that review, when I say that it sounds like Primo production, its both a compliment to the artist (because they’ve made music that’s similar to a legend), and it also helps the reader identify what the track sounds like. If people LIKE DJ Premier’s music, and they see me mentioning that ‘With FX’ sounds like something Primo would do, then they’ll KNOW straight away that its something they may be interested in. This is how reviews work, chuckles. If I review Guerilla Black’s album would I go through the whole thing without mentioning that he looks and sounds like Biggie, even though he’s clearly not? Don’t be retarded. Comparison to existing acts is the MAIN way that unknown artists get reviewed – they know it, we know it. Its why most artists’ press kits mention the groups that influence their sound – it gives listeners an instant yardstick to measure them by. Obviously as you’ve been kept back in school a couple of years, this type of grown-up stuff hasn’t had a chance to impact on you yet. Give it time, son. Give it time.

    The rest of what you ranted is nothing but humorous, not just to me, but to the rest of the people I’ve put on to this review, just to see you sonning yourself, without my help. You know I can delete any of your comments (or edit them) at any time, but why bother? Leaving them as they are makes a bigger fool out of you than I could ever hope to achieve. Any serious points or arguments you may have had in any of your posts go straight out the window once you start tossing the playground language around. My advice is to get out of the playground, and back into class – someone who can’t spell fuckin’ obviously needs lessons.

    (Sidenote: why the fascination with sperm? Freud would have a field day with you.)

    And STILL no link to “this very same Altrap website reviewing this very same Lp last year saying how good it was”… I won’t hold my breath for that either…

    Keep up the good work.

  6. A To The L Said:

    “(Sidenote: why the fascination with sperm? Freud would have a field day with you.)”

    Lol, that guy is defo obsessed with Sperm. He’s making a complete arse of Himself. He’s for some reason still angry with you even though You told Him TWICE that You Didn’t even write the review. So once again


    Also such a bad reaction to a negative review shows insecurity. By reacting to a review like that is as good as accepting the negative review. If You are friends of the Black Prophetz and disagree with the review, then the most sensible thing to do would be to Fuck up and ignore the review. You are just bringing more bad publicity to the group.

  7. Hold up..Hold up…stop the fighting for one second. Allow me to hit you with some facts..

    1) Altrap said…”Secondly, Nick wrote the comments ‘6 months to a year’ after the release, because that’s when I passed him the album to review. I forgot there was a law in place that didn’t allow you to review older albums.”

    You also said “With that in mind, I stand behind anything any of the site’s review team write.”

    I say. If you the owner/editor allow someone to write for your publication may it be paper-back or web, then that makes you responsible for his or that authors comments. Nicky D is virtually your employee, thats makes you responsible. So why are you suddenly backing out by making the claim that you did not write the review? This has nothing to do with it, especially when you say you back his comments. This is pointless as you stand by his comments therefore this makes you the same person as he is, an “idiot”. So at least lets get that point straight.

    2) Mr Angry (fan of the Blak Prophetz)who’s currently cussing you down may be abusive but he does hold a valid point. Have you looked into the history of Sure Shot? I have visited their website after purchasing the very same CD and Did you know that he’s been around since 1979 and has been in the game for many years? Do you even know who actually produced the Wu Tang Clan track that your collegue babbles on about. Did you even validate your employees comments to see if they were true? It sounds as though they have the right to make an asshole out of you by writing anything that has not been checked out.

    I’m not mad at anyone but I would like to make the point that I’m a Dj also and I’ve listened very closely to the Lp and being a follower of the Wu Tang for many year, and that I personally know Ghostface, Then I’d like to say that on this account Altrap is wrong to acuse the Blak Prophetz as having weak production and for supporters of the band they are very right to respond how they feel is appropiate to such unprofessional remarks by your colleague, employee or whatever.

    Bad publicity was not bought unto the group by the fan above, it was bought to the group when Altrap decided to allow an unprofessional person write a review without checking his facts.

    The production on the 2nd Coming Lp bares no relation to Wu Tang, Its a dynamite product which I would recommend any Hip Hop listener go buy. Did you even listen to the fantastic track called “Still A Kid”, Did you listen to the words? It carries an magnificent story line, one which you/your reviewer chose to ignore. The album is 100% real Hip Hop so please stop allowing your reviewers to bring out the negative and instead demonstrate some positive energy in Hip Hop for a change.

    By the way, is’nt Nicky Dee a girl MC from back in the day…Why would a reviewer choose such a predictable name for himself. Maybe he should call himself ‘Chuck D’

  8. One last thing, I forgot to say to Mr C-Plus…Please read and check into the facts, Mr Altrap does clearly state his support for the initial review which started this discussion. As for the sperm thing, well gimmi an effective swear word that is not sexually related. Then I will support your comments about obsession.

    As my day to day job involves working with the media I too worked within the publication arena for 3 years and my experiences tell me that many editors who try to make a name for themselves go all out to write bad reviews think it will attract people to read their unprofessional personal bias opinions.

    From what I’ve seen so far, when an editor or owner of a publication continuously claims that “he did not write the review” This is a clear cop out and the Nikki D person is the scapegoat.

    What would be interesting is what Nikki D, if he exists has to say and what the Blak Prophetz would have to say about this entire discussion. maybe someone should forward this email to them and lets hear their responses. Till then, writing a bad review does not make you a good reviewer, especially when the facts don’t add up. The 2nd coming track is in no way no how a copy of any Wu Tang track, its a great and well produced track and I feel that its very shallow of the editor to allow Nicky D to disrespect professional well produced material.

    Please goto their website or do a search on the internet and see what professional publication around the world with much more experience than you has said about this LP.

    It’s clear that the Blak Prophetz has fans, why, well I bought the CD does that make me one…but when I see or hear negativity about good product I have no alternative but to respond.

    Altrap…, Listen closely, Hip Hop is one of the greatest art yet the most underrated disrespected cultures out there. Show your support by not being negative towards the artists who are trying to keep it live. The very comment made by your representative, i.e.

    “No need to act a thug
    And brag about guns
    ‘Cause them faggots ain’t real
    They more like nuns”

    Contains clear elements that the Blak Prophetz are against guns and violence in Hip Hop. So what’s your point about these lyrics?? Yes the LP contains bragging elements but they all do. Most rap records today brag and boast about guns, girls, pimps hookers etc,..So to make the statement that Blak prophetz brags are in some way wrong is pointless and carries absolutely no weight in this discussion.

  9. Lets get a few things clear.

    I’m not backing out of anything by expressing the fact that Nick wrote the review. I just want to make sure that we both get our fair share of juvenile insults, and with your anonymous homie’s inability to even spell correctly, its important to me to know when I’M getting addressed as an asshole and when my man Nick (nh) is. I’ve already had my share of death threats and gay insults from the Eminem camp – its unfair of me to keep all these new ones for myself, when Nick can have some.

    Secondly, and this is important as both of you seem to have missed it. People who write reviews with me, do not necessarily have to write reviews I agree with (see again, The Platform review), however I stand behind their writing ability to explain how they reached their judgement EVERY time. I’m not going to tell them what to say, or how to say it, but I certainly am going to STAND BEHIND their right to say it, and allow them to say it here.

    As for point 2 – no I didn’t check their website, or about the history of Sure Shot. I didn’t need to – it was in the press kit that came with the CD when I sent it to Nick. This is the thing you don’t seem to be able to comprehend – Altrap has a review team, so I don’t NEED to check out every cd before hand, I can pass review material on to members of the team knowing that they’ll write it up as honestly as they can. (That comes back to the part where I STAND BEHIND what they write.)

    Have I personally listened to every cd reviewed on Of course not. Why do I need to do that? Does Elliot Wilson listen to every cd reviewed in XXL? No, he trusts his writers to provide their own insights into the cds for him. Why is ok for him and other editors of “professional publication around the world with much more experience than me” to do so, and not little old me?

    When it comes to your comments on whether Altrap is right or wrong to comment on production… would it be right for the reviewer to ignore how he feels, call the production amazing and give it a 10/10 score? Of course it would, but there wouldn’t be 90 pages of bitching in the comments section either. Criticism can go both ways… but its funny how there’s only an outbreak of righteousness when someone’s favorite group gets a poor score.

    Nicky D? Hilarious. Please at least try to spell your barbs write when tossing them around. Nikki D. with 2 K’s. Def Jam. ‘Lettin’ Off Steam’ – how appropriate.

    “Trying to make a name for myself by publishing bad reviews?” Yes, I deliberately gave this a poor score. And this. And this. And this. Haven’t you and the anonymous homie been criticising this site the whole way through for commenting on something we know nothing about? Pot… meet Mr Kettle.

    “Till then, writing a bad review does not make you a good reviewer” … of course it doesn’t, but if you don’t feel the music when you listen to it – it makes you an HONEST reviewer. Would you rather someone lied about what they feel when they hear an album just so they can agree with you?

    Would you rather I gave this a 10/10? just to keep Eminem’s fan’s happy, even though its a shit album?

    “Please goto their website or do a search on the internet and see what professional publication around the world with much more experience than you has said about this LP.”

    Maybe when you were over there, you saw THIS PAGE. Funny how there’s been little issue with the 4th review from anyone… maybe the high score has something to do with it?


    “No need to act a thug
    And brag about guns
    ‘Cause them faggots ain’t real
    They more like nuns”

    Contains clear elements that the Blak Prophetz are against guns and violence in Hip Hop. So what’s your point about these lyrics??”

    That they sound like they were written by a 3 year old? Come on man, that’s some ‘cat in the hat shit’ right there – next thing they’ll be rhyming ‘trigga’ with ‘nigga’.

    At the end of the day, the main issue here is that you don’t agree with the review. Fine, its not a problem, and its not the first time this has happened. However I think its hilarious that you and Mr Anonymous, continually called out Nick (and by extension) myself for presenting opinions by presenting YOUR OWN opinions on the album, and expecting him to instantly agree.

  10. Hey..

    I said “Next time you choose to write a comment on cats you don’t know make sure you can back your shit up cause I seen them role with Ultra and other respected old skool hard cats who respect their art. So a simple word of warning, if you got balls say who you are instead of hiding behind Bill Gate’s toys”

    Now..Show me the threat? The above tells you to watch your mouth because these cats role thick…Did I personally threaten you? com’on the damn text and absorb the shit cause the talk you talk is bullshit!!.

    Plus.. You throw’in boomerangs..The one thing you thought was that you could hurl abuse and disrespect to bands or artists and not get it back..But hey! You’ll get from real fans or listeners like me and many others who not only think but know your reviews are bullshit. I’m rushed and writing quick but hey, You write, plan and execute your content like a retard !!!

    As for this John F guy, what makes you think I know him? Just because he shares some of the same views I view it don’t make me his brother. So in your narrow ass mind I guess that means that all Eminem’s fans know each other..And that fuck’in rhymed!!

    As for 3 year old, tell me this, Would your redneck Texas ass tell Blak Prophetz to their face if they were standing in front of you that “they rhyme like a 3 year old”???

    Kid please, You talk the talk but you clearly can’t walk the damn walk. Like I said, watch your damn mouth cause you and your faggot boy Nicky suck!! and think you have the right to diss, but one day, you will come face to face with Dilated Peoples, Blak Prophetz or somebody you decided to disrespect on your Sesame School website whilst hiding behind Bill gates toys and you know what…You’ll wonder why you got fucked up when they kick yo stink’in ass too!! And that ain’t no threat homeboy….Absorb this shit cause it might save your monkey ass life…

    Whilst you at it…Here’s some 3 year old lyrics, from Pharoahe Monch, The greatest MC on the planet.

    “You should never in your wildest dreams
    Shit on a nigga who resides in the borough of queens
    Strong wicked, in the lex on the celly
    Now you gettin fucked without the k-y jelly”


    “And I’m the six million motherfuckin dollar man
    With a six million muh’fuckin dollar plan
    For thug niggaz and pimp players and drug niggaz
    Your technique, I sweep under the rug niggaz”


    “Permission to shine, stop this and rewind that
    Back, listen and find pharoahe monch, the rhymes phat”

  11. Hey..Altrap…face it You lost this one…Nick and you are wrong to disrespect an artists like that and call thier lyrics 3 year old. Please then explain wht you view to be advanced lyrics…

    Your views are personal yet childish and does the rap industry no favours. I hear you are from Ireland..i guess you got scared of the IRA bombs and ran to disney world cause the rubbish you and your boyfriend Nick writes is “MICKEY MOUSE”

    I support the Blak Prophetz and the LP, i downloaded mine from Napster and it was worth evry penny…

    Alrap…You suck !!

  12. lol…

    this is comedy gold right here…

    Mr Anon – I love the fact that all of a sudden I’ve turned into a Texan, and that you’ve suddenly decided to quote Pharoahe Monch at me. Your fascination with Bill Gates is also dope – I’m sure he looks forward to your comments to him as much as I do. Keep up the good work.

    JayDee… I like your style homeboy. You’ve obviously went to great lengths to investigate my background unlike the previous idiot. Yes, its true, I got scared of the IRA bombs (which stopped over 10 year ago)… those nasty Irish terrorists are STILL intimidating as hell. I especially like how you talk about my views being childish before dropping some playground banter in the same paragraph.

    For real, I haven’t laughed this much in ages. This comments section is probably more entertaining than the album could ever be…

  13. This shit is hilarious.

    To the over excited “Ced Gee will hunt you down and kick you in the grill” peeps… GET OVER IT.

    It’s one review, where the reviewer gave an opinion that’s obviously different to yours. Big deal.

    Your defence of the Blak Prophetz isn’t helping the artists in the slighest as you’re acting like the seriously mentally ill right before medication time and just after they’ve seen a nice red balloon float past the window.

    Kamal really needs to get himself some crazy fans.

  14. Like I said..its cool, wid me…I love this shit..its pure fan talk and peeps talk bout bands like this every how can this be disruptive to the band? If anything, its another forum discussion…The Blak Prophetz Lp started this discussion but the real issues here ain’t the Lp its the reviewers disrespectful antics that pisses me off and that sucker needs correcting straight up…

  15. What disrespectful antics?

    Nick said a beat sounded like Wu-Tang beat… Why is that so life threateningly bad? It’s not like ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ was panned for it’s wack beats now was it?

    It does imply a lack of originality but if that’s what it sounds like then it’s not really original is it?

    The review is honest and gives the reviewers opinion there’s nothing wrong with that. Not every review of every album is going to be favourable.

    Why, Anon, do you think the album/group is better than how Nick heard them? (Note: Try not to include any mention of how many years someone has been in the business, who they’ve played Scrabble with or childish name calling. None of those things automatically make an album good.)

  16. Like Biggies dead wrong!!..He said the artists work was a replica or an exact copy…Far from it Mr…Why am I re-educating you can’t you read above…My view is different and I have the right to state my opinion as he tried to mass influence in a negative fashion well theres mine…Now …if you don’t like it…Tuff!! But I said what I had to say and mean every damn word..the boy has no knowledge of real Hip Hop.

    How the F### can you ask me why I think the album is better than how Nick heard it? Cause the whole damn world says so!…Go check the other reviwes ‘dummy’, besides, like I said earlier, My view is mine..u heard..its public and so..what u gonna do??? what u wanna do??

  17. Well you’ve sold the album to me with that intensely indepth defence.

    I can ask you why you think it’s better because as you keep pointing out this is an open forum for discussion about the album in question. Saying “the whole damn world says so!” doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to me. At least Nick D has given reasons behind his opinions and not based them upon what “the whole damn world” says.

    You also may want to note that “the whole damn world” isn’t saying jack about the Blak Prophetz.

    You’ve not given a reason as to why you disagree other than saying they’re mates with the Ultramags and childish personal insults towards someone who didn’t write the review and then eventually the actual reviewer.

    Your list of differences between the Wu track and the Blak Prophetz track did nothing to dispel the idea that the beat sounds like ‘Cash Still Rules’.

    To end your comment with thuggish posturing, like a debate about a Hip Hop album can’t be ‘real’ without veiled threats of violence and displays of excessive mascilinity doesn’t help your point in any way what so ever.

    Thank you for the entertainment though.

  18. Ha.. if the world ain’t saying jack then how you know bout them? How can you agree to a review without even hearing the damn product yourself jackass? Git the f### out my face wit yo bullshit!

    As for the Wu Track…have you heard the 2nd Coming track? Have you not noticed that they contain totally different drums, samples, loops and Mc’s? So how in the hell could in be similar?

    I listen to Hip Hop tracks deep and I been buying Hip hop for years. What that makes me..a nigger with an opinion!! Love it or hate it..who gives a f###. I’m down wid any Hip Hop group who supports real Hip Hop and the Dialated Peoples & Blak Prophetz are just that!!

    You also contradict yourself in two sentences by stating Nicks comments are different to the world then under the same breath say the world ain’t saying nothing..

    And another underlying factor that you miss is that it was clear that that the review was written by Nick “the dick” my point is the aimed at the fact that his comments were supported by the editor who ain’t even heard the product.

    If Nick started babbling on about how gay he was do you think his boss Mr A to the L whatever would agree to his comments on the site….I would hope not but right now I believe his Texas ass would cause they both claim they’d stand behind each other…guess that’s the missionary position right boys… and you Mr Waster makes the damn threesome!! 🙂

  19. “his comments were supported by the editor who ain’t even heard the product. “

    for the 28th time, genius… I may or may not support his comments – of course I can’t make that call as I haven’t heard the product… its his right to MAKE the comments after HE has heard the product that I support… just as I support your right to make your comments (however deranged – which is why I haven’t edited or deleted them in any way)

    hey, btw, tell Johnny F its his turn to post now…

    you know… as you’re both posting from the same computer (IP what up blueyonder?)

  20. The world ain’t saying nuthin huh??

    Review 1

    Review 2

    Review 3

    Review 4

    Theres plenty more dude..

    And now you try to block my email address with this bullshit below..How childish…

    Sorry, but your comment has been flagged by the spam filter running on this blog: this might be an error, in which case all apologies. Your comment will be presented to the blog admin who will be able to restore it immediately.
    You may want to contact the blog admin via e-mail to notify him.

  21. OK let’s go through this point by point (if they can be called points.)

    1) ‘if the world ain’t saying jack then how you know bout them?’

    I know about them purely because of your hissy fit, no other reason at all.

    They aren’t household names, everyone from Brooklyn to Berlin aren’t waxing lyrical about how great the Blak Prophetz are.

    Hence the whole world isn’t saying different from Nick’s review.

    2) “As for the Wu Track…have you heard the 2nd Coming track?”

    No but I’m neither writing a review of it or attacking someone for having the opinion that they sound similar. What I am doing is asking for a rational reason as to why that observation was incorrect, if indeed it is. At the moment I have to believe Nick’s judgement.

    3) “Have you not noticed that they contain totally different drums, samples, loops and Mc’s?”

    ‘the production on the album’s title track, ‘The 2nd Coming,’ is almost identical to that of ‘Cash Still Rules’ found on “Wu-Tang Forever.”’

    That almost implies that it’s not a direct jack of the beat but it sounds like it, do you understand yet?

    Of course it’s going to have different MC’s on it, what the fuck does that have to do with the beat sounding like another?

    4) “I’m down wid any Hip Hop group who supports real Hip Hop and the Dialated Peoples & Blak Prophetz are just that!!”

    Oh that old gem of ‘real’ Hip Hop, usually applied to groups regurgitating the East Coast sound of ’94 to normally boring effect.

    5) “You also contradict yourself in two sentences by stating Nicks comments are different to the world then under the same breath say the world ain’t saying nothing..”

    I said… ‘At least Nick D has given reasons behind his opinions and not based them upon what “the whole damn world” says.’

    Which shouldn’t need any explaination but clearly does here. Nick has his own opinion of the albun and doesn’t require to be told what to think by the imaginary ‘whole damn world’. Understand?

    6) “And another underlying factor that you miss is that it was clear that that the review was written by Nick “the dick” my point is the aimed at the fact that his comments were supported by the editor who ain’t even heard the product.”

    Why are the first 2 posts directed towards A to the L then when they are attacking the review. Does AttL have to listen to every album before a review can appear on here? Should he only allow positive reviews on here? How many other sites or media outlets have editors who listen to every album/single, watch every TV show/Movie/DVD, etc. before they allow only the positive reviews to appear on or in their publication? Get a fucking grip.

    7) “If Nick started babbling on about how gay he was do you think his boss Mr A to the L whatever would agree to his comments on the site…”

    Firstly, from a review you disagree with you’ve decided someone is a homosexual? How mature.

    Also if by some bizarre circumstance the reviewers sexuality was relevent to the review then why shouldn’t it be included?

  22. First…so what my prvider is actually NTL an national company and so what the hell does that mean or even prove..As I’m on dial up so tell me feather brain do I actuall own that IP address or do they get reused when I log off. For example should i log off now and obtain the next IP address in the pool which may belong to Freedy f or even Jimmy X??? Whats your damn point anyway? My comments still stand your comments suck boy..

  23. “And now you try to block my email address with this bullshit below..How childish…”

    Its called a spam filter… maybe after you get to grips with the finer points of the English language I can teach you the intricate workings of one.

    For now I’ll keep it quick… if you post more than 3 links in a comment, you get blacklisted (and so do all your posts, and coincidentally all of your pal Johnny’s as he shares the same IP address)

    So I had to work in the background to pull all your insane commentary back out of the trash where the spam filter put it, to make sure that it stays on here, for all to see.

    As for your NTL and dial up comments… I can’t see how that’s true homie, as you’ve maintained the same IP address since you started posting over the weekend (a Blueyonder CABLE one), so its fairly obvious you don’t have a dynamic IP. Since you’re having such trouble understanding simple written words, I also doubt you have the capacity to understand much of what I have just said, but believe me – you’re looking like a complete cretin now in several different ways.


  24. Yeah Mr wizzard..tell me how I can get in touch with My Anon…as we share the same what? comments do we…I think what Mr A2 the l is trying to say is that I know Mr Anon. I wish I did but then again I don’t. but I stand by my point and disrespect of any artists with respectful values is a major flaw in Hip hop today. Your website needs to learn how to support.

    good day..

  25. LOL

    OK 2 of those ‘reviews’ were actually entries in shops trying to sell the album and 12″ and provide no critical evaluation of the product, one was in German (and I don’t have the desire to translate it), and the final one says similar things to Nick D.

    “It’s kinda interesting that by eloquently talking about how good you are, you can actually show how good you are. At the same time however, just talking about how good you are, does not yet make you good per se. Therefore when these Blak Prophet cats talk about how their metaphors are this and that without ever or only occasionally giving actual metaphors (i.e. not similes) the result is somewhat of a failure: these cats are so busy talking about how good they are, the run out of time to actually show it.”

    “‘Power Of The ProphetZ’… the beat is biting old Wu-Tang styles.”

    Look familiar?

  26. Mr A to The L..I think it be best if you just erased this entire conversation/forum discussion its going no where. Everyone has now stated there view We all have had our say…good luck to everyone…Support hip hop and the bands who speak against guns and violence….Good day to you all..

  27. “Mr A to The L..I think it be best if you just erased this entire conversation/forum discussion”

    that would be so convenient for you, wouldn’t it?

  28. Mr F makes a valid point…”SUPPORT”…I see none from your boy Nick in his comments and you supporting his negativity. I asdk you like I asked you before, Would you say these comments to the artists if you were faced with them face to face? If your answer is yes..then cool, time will tell. If your answer is no then be more constructive in your critism and make amends to your statements… 🙂

  29. The best shit in this is the fact that black prophetz rhyme 4 letter one syllable words and AttL calls it something a 3 year old would rhyme, then homeboy comes back askng if hed call Pharoahe a 3 year old based on lines rhyming 2-3 syllables and using longer words…

  30. I’m a street nigguh, a mutha f##in dark nigguh. I love my culture and anyone who creates anything that compliments or enhances its position in society. Right now Hip Hop in this day and age is over-shadowed by fakes and rich little boys who believes they can buy a nigguh with money. The sellouts has been bought…There weak products can be seen and heard on every faggot running so fake called Hip Hop websites. You have record shops that won’t sell real street product, and big ass stores who won’t take their LP’s.

    My message is simple, encourage and support instead of trying to make a name for yourself by disrespecting good Hip Hop groups with a real purpose.

    Dialated Peoples “The Platform” in my eyes was dynamite, and almost all real Hip Hop followers will agree to that. The Blak Prophetz album contained many good tracks which out of spite you have decided not to talk about. Bad reviews are welcomed with good ones to even it out if there are any.

    Whres Nick, why won’t he comment now? Why can’t he defend himself?? Does his nappies need changing i wonder?? 🙂

  31. Show us the good reviews then because so far you’ve only shown us one which says similar things to the one you’re bitching about and gives it a similar overall rating.

    Also if you’re going to champion a group it’d help if you spelt their name right, it’s Dilated Peoples.

    Funny how you missed the point that AttL disagreed with the review of their album as well…

    Fuckin’ numpty.

  32. TJ, go and check out the first few lyrical bars of the track called “With Fx”, please I beg you, then you try and say those first 4-8 like they did…Please just do this then come back with your comment…aight…just do that then I will accept anything you say..aight brother…

  33. Time Waster…I did’nt miss the fuckin point, if you stopped rubbing ya dick and read above you’d find that I told the damn editor that I disagreed with the dam Dilated review also..”You, you, u irrating dick scab”

  34. Ok,

    First of all,
    It is true that hip hop albums are full of bragging etc. I happen to prefer albums in which the bragging is intelligently designed and, in many ways, self reflexive (This means that the metaphors about how good MC So and So is are so good that they prove how good he is in the process). Big L is an example of this. I do not feel that the Blak Prophetz bring that on THIS particular album.

    Yes, Sure Shot has been producing for a long time and he has produced some fine material. That does not preclude him from making a beat that sounds like ‘Cash Still Rulez’ (Yes I just listened to both again, and yes I think they are very SIMILAR). I did not, for the record, say that his production as a whole was ripped off of the Wu, just that one track. To ME, the album was (and still is, in my opinion) boring and dated. I stand by that assessment. This DOES NOT mean that the group is not at all talented…they just didn’t seem to bring anything new to the table on this album.

    I am also all for hip hop and furthering it as an art (as I think we all are). Unfortunately, I don’t think that calling me a faggot white boy whatever is condusive to this cause when none of my detractors knows ANYTHING about me other than the fact that I’m not really feeling this album. Just in reading this site, I know that I don’t agree with every review that other reviewers write, I’m just not calling them faggots because of it.

    Nick D

  35. you said..”Yes, Sure Shot has been producing for a long time and he has produced some fine material”.

    Nicky D…you just made a positive comment about the Blak Prophetz…along with the bad ones but you handled it far better than your first abrupt review.

    Thankyou, and I now respect your comments…about the band I respect. Your statement cancels out all of my harsh words.

    Now you see what a few kind words can do. The mark of a good reviewer is one who can not only state his dissapointments or dislikes but one who can encourage and bring out the positive elements of the artists initial purposes.

    Well done!!

  36. Mr A to the L, If I’m on crack, it’s gonna be on ya moms crack!!! I don’t smoke that shit and I have real strong views toward that subject. I’ve seen crack babies and people die from that shit so please…Get off the crack shit subject and I’ll get off ya moms aight… :)Please think b4 you speak..

  37. NO! Don’t go yet! You still haven’t provided a link to “this very same Altrap website reviewing this very same Lp last year saying how good it was”

  38. I’ve lived in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan & the Bronx & I love to be pooped on!

    What were we talking about anyways?!?!

    Oh yea, how many albums has this thing sold??????? Anyone???? Bueller??? I’d love to find out this info.

  39. Feeling this argument a lot. I think it was unfair to draw Daddy’s Little Girl into the argument and therefore you should post a review of “The Complere Nikki D sessions” 6CD Box-Set recently released by OBR records.


  40. Wow..Well guys I would just like to say I purchased the first single from this band then went on to buy the LP. You all have some very aggressive opinions and I would like to share mine to but not so aggressively.

    Well I’m 29 and have been following Hip Hop for sometime. I’ve met Nelly, Eminem back stage and had my photo taken with him and I’ve watched 50 cent perform. At the same time I’ve looked back into the history of Rap and met Melle Mel and was present at the Ultramagnetic Mc’s reunion show which occurred in New York a few months back.

    In my view the Rap we hear from the commercial artists a geared towards promoting their ego and power to sell their music to the masses. The Blak Prophetz Lp was an LP which made me stop and listen. There are some incredible tracks on that 2nd Coming LP which I have to say outshines and sound far better than a lot of what I hear today. The production reminded me of Paul C or Marley Marl. Now I know they are old school but there are very few producers who sound like that today. We went through an era where Hip Hop was dominated by the producer or DJ. Today in this era, Hip hop is more dominated by the MC.

    Although I believe Sure Shot’s lyrics to be outstanding on the album, the guy is a producer. For example, you have Diamond D who produces and raps. Sure Shot does the same so why all the emphasis on 3 and 4 letter syllables etc..The guy is producer and he makes damn good beats. Oh, and yes the Blak Prophetz do boast but don’t they all.

    Although I respect the 2nd round comments too from Nick D, I too felt that his first review was a bit unjust and unfair to what these guys have done and achieved to date.

    There are other reviews that I have seen from other website that speak of this album as being one of the best in 2005 but we are all entitled to our opinion and as the first lady to appear in this discussion I say Blak Prophetz has my support and my girl friends support too and should the perform in Philly we will be at front stage.

    Last but not least, I would like to say please take a listen to the track called “Still a Kid” It’s amazing and an incredible well written story about a girl growing up in the hood. If any of you who commented earlier could comment on this track I would be glad to hear your views.

    Blak Prophetz “2nd Coming” Lp 9 out of 10

  41. “We went through an era where Hip Hop was dominated by the producer or DJ. Today in this era, Hip hop is more dominated by the MC.”

    Um, no. Today more than ever before, Hiphop is a producer-driven genre. Its why Scott Storch is household Hiphop name despite never speaking on a mic on his life. Its why Pharrell Williams is popping up at fashion and award shows and not looking out of place.

  42. Thanks for the response, I respect your feedback but there was a time when you had the likes of DJ Mark, Prince Paul, Large Professor, Marley Marl all great producers who are somewhat finding it difficult to make it again in this new school era. Yes there’s Pharrell and Dre, but the music seems more MC dominated unlike before and without disrespect to the producers the music seems less heavy (but still good though).

    Please understand that this is only my general view and that I’m not here to argue. I’m speaking only from experience since following Hip Hop for 25 years and being the assistant reviewer in the Rolling Stone Magazine, New York 1984-86.

    It is also my belief that a reviewer should understand that whatever he writes he should be able to repeat to the face of the artist being reviewed. The question was raised a few times by Mr Angry but was never answered, Anyway this has always been our code of practise at Rolling Stone for some time and I felt an element of unfairness in the first review of the Blak Prophetz LP, but Nick’s second response was much more professional and less abusive than the first.

    After putting Mr Angry’s swearing and abusive tone to one side I do feel he raises a genuine point that should be considered. I just guess the discussion got egotistical then the subject just got lost in the shouting.


  43. Mary, I certainly respect your opinion, and will not even try to deny that Mark, Paul, Marley etc are legendary, however you seem to be glossing over the emcees who rhymed on their tracks. Kane DOMINATED any track he was given. Biz made Marley’s production for him his own. G Rap is a legend – simple as that. Speaking generally, the period for the emcee being at the front of Hiphop really ran from 86/87-ish to around the death of Biggie. Before that it was the DJs who got most of the credit (Flash, Bam etc), and after this is when Puffy’s Hitmen, Dre as media-blown-up super-producer (even though most of us knew he was a production genius before that) etc blew the door open for the likes of Storch, Williams, Cool And Dre, Timbaland, Lil Jon etc to really take over. 50 Cent topping the charts is nothing to do with his skill as an emcee – its largely to do with his beats and hooks. Similarly, Missy Elliot is never going to trouble Rakim in the emcee stakes, but her use of both her and Timbaland’s own quirky production has been what has pushed her to the forefront and kept her there.

    “It is also my belief that a reviewer should understand that whatever he writes he should be able to repeat to the face of the artist being reviewed.”

    And I see NOTHING derogratory, imflammatory or abusive in Nick’s review that would stop him repeating his view to the artists in question. (Unlike many of the comments following it.) They may not LIKE his opinion, but he hasn’t filled it full of expletives and childish jokes, and has give his honest appraisal of how he feels the album is a letdown. I fail to see how that is ‘unfair’. Unfair would be working hard on promotions and reviews for Nore’s second album, and then having the artist himself tell you after the fact that he ‘phoned it in’ for most of it. For example. 😉

    And finally while I certainly commend you on your experience (both in Hiphop and in the journalism industry) I find it a little bit patronising that you might make this into a little paragraph of its own. Its almost like you’re trying to belittle the efforts of Nick and/or myself.

    I commend you though, on being able to raise points without once introducing sperm into the argument. 😉

  44. Thanks for your reply, I will leave this discussion now and my final words to Nick or anyone who writes for you is this.

    At all costs avoid hash comments where you can when you are reviewer. Although the responses were aimed at Mr Angry, some of the responses were derogatory towards the band that has no knowledge of this conversation. Comments like, “He rhymes like a 3 year old” is very unprofessional of any reviewer unless there was a set universal standard discipline surrounding the levels of acceptable rhyming or rapping. It is clear that such comments influence because there was retaliation and anger from their fans. I feel that it could have been professionally stated in a less direct manner towards the artists who someday may find this discussion. It is better to be on good terms rather than bad, they could make it and become the next best thing, who knows? Although you personally see nothing imflammatory in Nicks review your reader(s) did and would the Blak Prophetz too I wonder. Remember your website could be seen by thousands so at least consider that there are followers of this band or artists.

    It is and must be your intention for your business to grow; although the comments may be personal you must as a reviewer no matter how bad a product attempt to find the positive reasons behind its existence. Individuals who visit your site may see you as a professional who offers global advice about particular music tracks in this genre. Some companies don’t know when this happens or when to draw the line between personal and influential remarks. Some rappers don’t understand the image they portray until something drastic happens then they realise they are a role model. Your website may be influencing the youth, who knows? But, knowing will make you stand out amongst the rest who state derogatory remarks without evidence or thought.

    Remember that “art is the extraction of self expression from ones experiences or feelings. There is no greater judge than one who is in the exact circumstances. There is no wrong or right with art, There is only need for understanding”

    It would be best to erase the entire back and forth conversations from one person to the other and leave Nicks 2nd comments to stand. Why? Well it is more pleasant and not so direct and who knows, maybe one day you could meet the Blak Prophetz and at least they will respect the comments but I hope that you can see my point and should you respect me and my experience then please get rid of all the junk above.

    Good day..

  45. A couple of things stick out in your latest comment…

    “At all costs avoid harsh comments where you can when you are reviewer.”

    Why? Are we playing some kind of game where we aren’t allowed to hurt peoples’ feelings here, and we have to sugarcoat every comment in case it upsets them? If an album or track is weak, then its UNPROFESSIONAL to lie about it. Its also unprofessional to call it weak, without offering further explanations why the reviewer feels it to be so. On both counts, Nick passes.

    “although the comments may be personal you must as a reviewer no matter how bad a product attempt to find the positive reasons behind its existence.”

    Come on now. If an album is awful, I still have to try to find a reason to convince you to buy it? Then the person who perhaps bases their decision on my review thinks I’m a herb because I’ve dressed up shit as sugar. This is just retarded.

    As for my business growing – y’see this is the beautiful thing. I don’t have to rely on Hilfiger selling double page ads, or worry about Def Jam pulling all their advertising just because I don’t share their view that Teairra Mari is the greatest thing since sliced bread. So if someone gets upset about a review… oh well… they need to thicken their skin, and learn to accept doses of constructive criticism along with the healthy helpings of (often fake) praise they get from other spots.

    “There is no wrong or right with art, There is only need for understanding”

    If the above is true, then why are you stomping all over Nick’s art as a writer? He can’t be wrong – “There is no greater judge than one who is in the exact circumstances.” Understand that.

    “It would be best to erase the entire back and forth conversations from one person to the other and leave Nicks 2nd comments to stand.”

    What does that prove, except the fact that he restated the SAME issues he had with the album in his second comment, but this time our foul-mouthed friends accepted it (despite it being the SAME criticisms as the original review)?

    As for me meeting the Blak Prophetz some day… I hardly think its likely, but if I did:

    1) they’re probably not even going to know anything about this, and
    2) if they did, we’ll all probably have a chuckle.

    As I said before, I certain respect your experience, but you don’t seem to be respecting anyone else’s experiences or rights to write what they honestly feel about any artist or album.

  46. Gee kid, the woman is a professional!! She gave you good advice…What she said was 100% spot on.

    We now realize that you want to get the last word an all and you will cause its your website but I’m sorry kid, This Mary is girl is right. Face it..take it like a man!!! your experience is no where compared to this woman.

    I ain’t out to diss ya’ll but ya’ll need to stop the talk-talk, I’m right chitty chat and stop trying to defend with these big speeches cause right now you looking real dumb!!.

    Hey, I’m just a passer by here and I read the stuff above but YOU now need to learn to take critism…By the way I hpreviewed the Blak Prophetz lp on Napster earlier and it sounds good to me..That “Still A Kid” track is a killer!!


  47. I had to just say that Mr AttL..THERE IS NO ART IN CRITISM!!!

    “There is no wrong or right with art, There is only need for understanding”

    You said..

    If the above is true, then why are stomping all over Nick’s art as a writer? He can’t be wrong – “There is no greater judge than one who is in the exact circumstances.” Understand that.

    On this, I have to agree with Mary..she’s right. I have’nt heard the Blak Prophetz Lp yet but your friends bad review has now caused me to want to go out and investigate…

  48. Wow… just wow…

    Its not a case of getting the last word. Its a case of replying to points that were put to me (and the writers of this site.)

    I find it astonishing that the reaction from Macey Mee and Soul 6 to my comments is basically telling me to stand down and accept Mary’s and their criticisms of me and this site, when they can’t accept mine or Nick’s of an album.

    Please can one of you explain to me how its wrong of a writer to criticise an album (if he or she thinks its a bad album) by pointing out the flaws he or she sees and explaining why he or she feels areas of the album are weak?

    Maybe YOU personally don’t agree with the writer’s opinion. That’s fine. That’s YOUR right to. It seems to be more than that here though – the general vibe here is that its wrong to criticise something, and that we all have to be happy-smiley around every release.

    I also find it lightly humorous that all these people banging on about Altrap’s criticism of an album, can’t even SPELL the bloody word. I don’t think its me who’s ‘looking real dumb’ at the moment.

  49. Now your backed into a corner your trying to fault find on spelling..How childish!!Now your rying to defend Nick who has already defended himself by correcting the review and made it somewhat more respectful and still you babble on and say its the same. Sorry dipster but I never saw a cut, copy or paste of the old one did you? so get your facts right..

    he said…”Yes, Sure Shot has been producing for a long time and he has produced some fine material”.

    Also, Here you are the proud owner of a website, fighting with everyone who disagrees with you…IN A SECTION FOR READERS COMMENTS….ARE YOU AREADER TOO!!!…HA HA HA !!



  50. This is stupid…

    Mr AttL said..

    “It seems to be more than that here though – the general vibe here is that its wrong to criticise something”

    This is clearly not the case…If I did a review of a song and said the artists were a murderers, then that would be somewhat wrong…

    I think the general discussion here is about the reviewer’s comments being way off and you are finding it hard to accept public opinion over yours.

    Step down…and let the public decide..By the way…we all make spelling mistakes…We are human and thats not the what this discussion is about..

  51. he said…”Yes, Sure Shot has been producing for a long time and he has produced some fine material”.

    Indeed he may indeed have made some fine past material – that doesn’t change the feelings in Nick’s original review that the production on several of THOSE songs wasn’t up to scratch…

    Just because someone has made some great stuff in the past, it doesn’t mean that they can’t spit out a turd now and again (see Big Daddy Kane for example)…

    Nick didn’t correct the review – he complimented Sure Shot on his past work, but still stood by his original feelings – “To ME, the album was (and still is, in my opinion) boring and dated. I stand by that assessment. This DOES NOT mean that the group is not at all talented…they just didn’t seem to bring anything new to the table on this album.”

    Obviously you have some kind of a problem comprehending that.

    James, of COURSE you’d be wrong to call the artists murderers, UNLESS you provided evidence that they actually were. Similarly, this is the issue that is passing everyone by here… Nick’s review may indeed be completely wrong in your opinion, but the fact is that he didn’t just call the album weak and move on. He explained WHY the album was weak based on his opinion of listening to it. You’re perfectly within your right to disagree – that’s the beautiful thing about having opinions of your own.

    The issue here is that some who didn’t agree tried to force Nick to change his opinion based on insults and name-calling, ironically missing the fact that they feel entitled to have THEIR opinion, but don’t want Nick to have his. Then when he came out and CLARIFIED his position, for some reason everyone thought he changed his review – he clearly didn’t.

    Its not a question of me being “backed into a corner” or anything like that… its actually somewhat amusing to sit here and watch everyone bleating over this and trumpeting that a review has been changed when it clearly hasn’t, and resorting to insults when they can think of nothing else to say.


    HOW CAN YOU FUCK A DICK? R.DEEM..Please explain your experience…Faggot!!

    I love war!! This AL guy u the owner? Ain’t you got anything better to do than trying to convince the world you are so right? Well then, U WRONG!! Let the readers decide that you go play wid Nick or something… Change di bomboclart subject !!

    Here’s a subject… Does R.Deem take it up the ass or in his ears??

  53. Jesus fucking Christ. What is going on here? LOL. A to the L, just keep spitting truth. If these sensitive thugs need hugs, then so be it.

  54. Opinion. Everyone can put their opinion. Let Nick, AttL and everyone else have theirs. You have yours. Theres no “professional” or “unprofessional” about it. It’s not his profession and even if it was I’m thinking witholding your opinion is about as “unprofessional” a thing that a reviewer can do.

    If you like the album, post a comment saying how much you like the album. Don’t post comments about how much you dislike the review, it’s not gonna win the record any fans.

  55. “Don’t post comments about how much you dislike the review, it’s not gonna win the record any fans.”

    I really have no problem with people posting comments about disliking the review as long as they can offer decent arguments as to why they think its wrong. Backing up your opinion with nothing but insults is just silly, and there’s been very little real content in the arguments from any of Nick or my (or this site’s) critics, as to why they have issues with the review. Its been little more than, “this review is wrong, because I’m right” (with the customary ‘faggot’ tagged on at the end.)

    (nullus, of course)

  56. For the record, I did not at all alter my “first” review of the product. Saying that Sure Shot may have produced good work in the past has absolutely NO bearing on this album. This, in fact, should make the listener expect a little more from Sure Shot. My opinion on the album is contained WITHIN the review. Any other comments I have should not be seen as reforming my opinion. Rather they are in response to those that are putting words in my mouth. Please, disagree with my review…everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  57. I would just like to put my comment across and say that I have listened to the entire Blak Prophetz 2nd Coming Lp and would like to say that I think it was a very well produced and entertaining album. There seems to be a lot of people in this debate who has NOT heard this album and I think it’s only fair to say that your comments should only stand if you have heard the entire album.

    There’s too much fighting and ego battles going on hear without real constructive talk about the product.

    Guys let stop the dissing of each other and talk about the album tracks instead, please!!

    The best track on the LP was “Still a Kid”, “The Power of The Prophet”, “The Maddest Style”, “With Fx”, “Original Originated”, “Remedy” and “The 2nd Coming”. Oh, not forgetting that great use of the Nat King Cole Christmas song loop. I haven’t yet come across a Hip Hop artist or producer who used that loop ever. The way the Blak Prophetz used it was not only different but effective.

    The only let down I would say on the Lp was the other guy who calls himself Retro, I find that he struggled to maintain pace and had difficulty in getting his words out, He came across like a wannabee and his delivery was very weak. I went on to the Blak Prophetz website though and found out that he was a guest fan on the Lp but on the whole I generally liked the LP and Sure Shots rhyme delivery especially on the “With Fx” track it was wicked. Please listen to this one guys when you get a second.

    I would only ask if you all could only comment on album tracks and not to focus your energy on arguing or disrespected each other.


  58. The Real Review – A&R from Hit Quarters

    On this topic I must agree with Terrance’s comments. I too have listen to the same LP and previous work by this band. It would somewhat appear that the only people who has really listened to this entire LP would be Nick, Terrance and myself. This is only my perception but it does appear so here’s what I think.

    The Blak Prophetz “2nd Coming” LP was said to sound dated but there is one valid point which I think you all have missed and that is the entire theme of this LP. The Blak Prophetz had made it very clear what the theme of this LP was which I think has been missed and it seems as though this theme is a reflection of some of your arguments. Yes the LP sounds old school, but that’s because it was meant to be. The guys categorically state on so many occasions that they are old school veterans of Hip Hop therefore the theme of this product represents that. If their intentions of this LP or the statement by this band was that the LP was a reflection of today’s popular Hip Hop then it would not reflect that so guys, why are you complaining about the LP being dated when the intentions and objectives was that very idea. R& B artists go experiment with ideas, some go back some go forward, it doesn’t matter it’s still Hip Hop. Hip Hop has a past, present and future…It’s a free world!!, artists are allowed to take you to any of those places.

    If anything I think they have achieved their goal. The natural idea behind this LP was to bring their experiences and views to the table, which was that they are lovers of the old school era. There’s nothing wrong with that view it’s a natural way of saying that they respect an era in Hip Hop.

    Now, Back to the other comments regarding the product. I have tried very hard to find the connection in the track entitled “the 2nd Coming” and the Wu Tang Clan’s track called “Cash Still Rules” but I’m sorry guys, but my findings are that there’s absolutely “NO CONNECTION”. The two tracks share absolutely NO similarities. Firstly, The Blak Prophetz drums sounds very much like a combination of a Roland kick or snare. The Wu Tangs drums are hardly definable. The samples which have been used are totally different. The Blak Prophetz used elements of “The Mack” soundtrack, Wu Tang used NONE. The concept is totally different. The rap styles are totally different. The Blak Prophetz verses are split up into segments. The Wu Tang’s version are not; it’s continuous and ends without music. I’m sorry but these tracks have NO similarities they are “TOTALLY DIFFERENT”.

    I respect Nick to have his view but the tracks are “TOTALLY, CHALK & CHEESE” Please comment on my finding on this very point when you have a second Nick. If I’m wrong I will gladly accept it but please explain my finding on this particular track. Thanks.

    If there were a track off this LP that resembled Wu Tang’s flavours it would be the track entitled “The Power of the Prophetz” which I must say was a “GREAT” production and that the only resemblance was that of the occasional chop and Kung Fu kick. But how many tracks contained funky drummer back in the day? Did anyone complain about these artists copying the other? So what if they used Kung Fu sound effects it doesn’t make them a bootlegger. I don’t believe that Sure Shot actually went out to replica Wu Tang, there’s a lot of tracks out there that sound very similar but I believe there’s no REPLICAS here on this LP.

    Back to the album, I too had noticed how the one MC who calls himself Retro had struggled through some of his verses on some tracks and my guess is that’s why Sure Shot was featured so heavily on the LP. My view is that if that Retro was featured anymore on that LP it would have made it worse. On that very subject though I have noticed too that he was only a fan or guest, but never the less in my view I felt his presence on the LP was not welcomed.

    The tracks that did it for me was “Still A kid” (9 out of 10, Retro’s verse spoils it), “The Power of The Prophet” (10 out of 10), “Originated Origins” (Amazing production, concept and beat, 11 out of 10), “The Maddest Style” (Great track, I agree with Nick it does have Gangstarr’s flavours but it’s a hit!, 9 out of 10), “The Illest” (Wicked, I’ve followed Ced Gee & Ultramagnetic Mc’s for years and if Ced Gee, one of the greatest producers out there who produced for the likes of KRS1, Freddy B and many others believe that the Blak Prophetz beats are worthy to rhyme on then he has my full support. The track was blazing, 11 out of 10)

    In general, It is my belief that the contribution made by this bad was and has been significantly welcomed by not only myself but other listeners around the world. From reading the other views above its quite clear that they have followers and angry followers (Mr Angry) but in general I felt the LP was well produced and Sure Shots rap delivery was acceptably good and compliments his outstanding production. If ever the Blak Prophetz do read my comments…

    Hit Quartets says, well done, keep them coming…(8 out of 10)

    Thanks for allowing me to state my views.

  59. This album is dope. The beats are sick and I enjoyed throughout.

    Often when hip hop acts get too imaginative the sound is terrible. Take this Crunk shit what’s that all about. If it aint broke don’t fix it. This is hip-hop.

    10 times better than the shit coming out at the moment.



    How the fuck can you have Avatars of Bambaataa on this stupid ass website and diss the very people the Godfather of Hip Hop supports and record with?

    I just came across this bullshit a few days ago and it would appear that the owner of this website is too afraid to let people know his real address or name, put a photo up on ya website boy so we can see who the fuck you are and break ya legs next time we see you. Why won’t he do that? well its simple. This same pissy white boy from Ireland who has the nerve to call himself a Dj and post comments about a culture or artists he absolutely knows jack shit about chooses to hide behind a computer and make dumb ass accusations and hurl insults at artists he is either jealous of or wants to be like.

    I myself has been down with Hip Hop and was a part of the movement since Latin Quarters NYC and was there at many of the battles including the KMD and Busy Bee battle way back when. I know the old skool and have still stayed in the game till now. So who the fuck are you to diss artists like the Blak Prophetz who has been in the game since 79..Yes 1979, You did know that did’nt you..u dickless fool!

    This faggot maggot brain kid called “Nick or AtoL” who wrote these comments about the band called the Blak Prophetz have absolutely no who the fuck he’s dealing with. first up..the Blak Prophetz was an album dedicated to the ‘Old Skool’ pioneers. This Irish white boy for some reason did’nt know this, Hence, why the albums sounds like a classic old skool sound. Secondly, he claims that the production was copied or even bland. Impossible…”WHITE BOYS ESPECIALLY THIS ONE FROM IRELAND HAVE NO SENSE OF RHYTHM SO HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU COMMENT ON SHIT YOU CAN’T MOVE TO”.

    I also noticed how the ‘YOU’ get yourself involved in any comment from the general public that speaks good of this album, which clearly shows that you are none other than a spoilt little white computer geek who’s on the tip of “it’s mys website so I’ll say what I want” type of attitude….Sucker!


    1. Your review “SUCKS” just like your stupid website.
    2. You are clearly jealous of the Blak Prophetz and thier achievments.
    3. You have no experience in the Hip Hop production
    4. You have never contributed ‘SHIT’ to Hip Hop other than personal opinions and insults to artists you are jealous of on this lame ass homesite you call a website
    5. Your website reads like a personal homesite, please go learn to be a real reporter
    6. The Blak Prophetz has a major underground following from real respected people, You have none..
    7. The sample you claim is a Kung Fu sample from Wu tang is not from Wu Tang its from a Christian speech film sountrack. This clearly shows you have NO KNOWLEDGE of samples or breaks and the track in question sounds ‘NOTH’IN like Wu Tang you fool, Clean out ya freak’in ears son.

    I hope the Blak Prophetz read this bullshit someday and send someone to fuck your stupid ass up because you are clearly hiding behind a computer and shitt’in yourself. Nevertheless, its been 5 years so I doubt they would even bother with a stupid Vanilla Ice wannabee anyway. This website only came up when I typed in “STUPID IRISH WHITE BOY” in Google.

    The 2nd Coming album eventhough it is now 5 years old is still fuck’in amazing and a great tribute to the old skool no matter what any faggot Irish little white boy says on his pansie ass homesite.. A to the L or what ever you call your pissy self, “Fuck Off back to Ireland and go find something better to do like fuck some sheep or review harmonica music” cause you are not making any contribution to Hip Hop other than spamming your personal jealous remarks to people that don’t want to hear you…


  61. Jesus Christ, not this again…

    You’ve just wasted 3 hours typing one-fingered, and all the original people involved with this review and these comments are all gone and have been for about 3-4 years.

    However if you want to keep running the Irish angle to the amusement of absolutely everybody still watching (hint – nobody) then feel free. I’m sure you can find some great clip art of leprechauns and shamrocks online somewhere, since that appears to be the level you’re working at.

    The fact you can’t even distinguish from the review and all the comments after it who wrote the fucking thing to begin with gets you off to a winning start. I just wish that Nick D (a very fleeting contributor to this site) was still around so he could see the fun he’s continuing to spark.

    I look forward to your reply, no doubt laden with more homophobic and bigoted insults. Those type of things really brighten my day. Keep it coming.

  62. Yup…Like i said..I never new this website existed…I typed in Irish faggot and trust me no lie…You came right the fuck up! So ask google why the fuck I’m here….so like i said..I only defend real music and real artists so it clear why ya boy Nick Dick ran after making that review…I found this album afew years ago, and met these guys in a Bronx party last summer 09 and have been down with them ever since..So watch the shit you talk.

    It is clear that you have no respect for the tru skool and you and ya boy’s accusations sparked all the public responses in disagreement with the bullshit you wrote….This website wack but a word of advice..Don’t hide behind a computer and disrespect artists with international support or you might find that they mind find your ass and fuck you up..Don’t do it!

    This post might seem like a rant but stop, into it son…and you might realise the shit that could happen..u feel!

  63. hey i remember this discussion bout few years back. i now have the album by the blak prophetz and with all honesty i must admit that is a very good sounding album. I think that the review by Altrap was very personal and it sounds like the reviewer had some kind of personal hate against the Blak Prophetz for reasons I cannot understand. The production is way better than what was around then and now. From looking at the comments made by the real general public I have to agree that Altrap got it wrong this time and maybe A to L or the guy who did the initial interview should apologies for being so negative to a bunch of good guys who are very respected by Afrika Bambaataa…visit thier website blakprophetz dot com and checkout thier stuff… wicked!!

  64. Do you frequently search for Irish faggots on the internet? Is that your fetish? Will any faggot do the trick for you, or is just ones from the Emerald Isle?

    Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that I haven’t lived in Ireland for almost 6 years. I’m now in Tallahassee, Florida, and I’m really not that hard to find when you get down here, believe me.

    Not that I’m inviting someone to come and ‘fuck me up’ over a 5 year old album review or anything, because that would be just going to incredible lengths of craziness. But I mean, if they really wanted to do it now, then at least they wouldn’t have to travel internationally, so they’d no doubt save on having to renew their passport and shit. (Although with gas prices currently as high as they are, getting from New York to Tallahassee is almost as much of an expensive nightmare anyway, whether you choose to fly or drive.)

    Also ‘fucking someone up’ over a review would just draw more (I’m sure unwanted) comparisons with Wu-Tang, after the initial ones in the actual review. Remember Masta Killa gave some journalist a two-piece a few years back because he didn’t like what was written in an article? However, I’m sure that a less than positive review (that’s 5 years old) for an album (that’s 8 years old) wouldn’t still be burning someone up to the point that they would also do something as equally silly. Unless of course they had the mental age of a 5 year old.

  65. Actually, I was told a great joke about an gay Irish rapper so, I typed it in Google and like I said..U came up so it must be you..and like I said…i came to this bullshit website by accident, but i find it amusing how you try so hard to hide your identity. Show the world your photo or what you look like you faggot and stop hiding behind a damn computer..Do that you little frightend boy and we might think you got some balls. Only faggots do what you do..that is to disrespect and name call over the web.


    You just too chicken shit..nobody would fuck you up over an album, but….Someone will fuck you up for dissrespecting a mass of people. Like I said you underestimate the following of some artist especially the Blak Prophetz to the point of stupidity..and your own dissess and ego you display on your website will get you fucked up by someone…trust me!!..I’ve also noticed how long you are now taking to digest my post so that you can pre write your dum ass egotistical response..WHAT A FUK’IN LOOSER…

  66. You came by accident, huh? And here was me figuring that it was because this page was the top result on a google search for ‘Blak Prophetz review’ and the 4th result on a google search for ‘Blak Prophetz’.

    Sure Shot is that you?

    As for not revealing my name or picture, honestly Chuckles, my info isn’t hard to find. It’s all over this website for starters. Though I find it ironic that you’re ranting and raving about me ‘hiding my identity’ when you’re posting with a made up name.

    Sure Shot is that you?

    As for ‘digesting’ your post taking a long time… well I could make the obvious joke about that being the case because it takes an age to wade through your spelling mistakes and bad grammar, or I could simply say that I don’t sit here each and every hour waiting for you to post so I can retort.

    Either answer works in any case, so pick one and run with it.

    The funniest thing of all man is that NOBODY reads this site anymore. I don’t do shit with it to drive traffic here at all, so all you’re doing with this ranting and raving is driving this page back up the search rankings due to activity.

    I’m sure the Blak Prophetz appreciate how much you’re riding out for them. (Unless of course you are one of the Blak Prophetz? Sure Shot is that you?)

  67. Of course, I could also just lock the thread to additional comments, and save you losing your shit every morning when you roll out of bed and jump straight onto the computer to see what I’ve written.

    But then how would your braincell get it’s daily exercise, if it didn’t have to continually move your fingers to type the word ‘faggot’ over and over again?

    So let’s just leave things as they are for the time being.

    Can’t wait to see your next missive, live and direct from the UK. I mean, that is where you’re at, right… unless BT have opened a trunk line that runs right into NYC?

    (This is the part where I could stoop to your level and call you an ‘English faggot’ but that would just be very poor sport on my part.)

    Yours in a white wine sauce,

    DJ A to the L

  68. I wish I was Sure Shot..or even Retro or even Willie B or Ced Gee or one of them cats who was on the album..and Yes I am in London..Matter fact I’m on holiday here with my girl..she’s British!, and who the fuck is BT? I’m over here for the UK Fresh, with NY cats…As for them Blak Prophetz cats, If they were from London I’m Sure I’d find’em quick time. Besides …If I was that Sure Shot dude I would have hunted yo ass down the second you posted this shit and for spelling mistakes or grammer…you ass must be from that BNP Oxford University to pay so much attention to my words.

    Irish faggot is that you?

    I gat an idea if you got any balls, Why don’t you contact them and let them know what you wrote. As for me writing on this post…in the morning..’Jetlag’ and thefact that you diss so many US artists and chose to live there gets my goat. So I’m public..and can make any statement i want but you …The creator of this bullshit website need to take ownership of your comments and back up you motives.. As for Google listsings do i sound like I give a fuck where this gets listed?

    Irish faggot is that you?

    It only makes your website look even more stupid..and you think I’m the producer Sure Shot, Cool..Thanks for the complement though, or maybe I’m white like you ha!. Maybe if you diss Diamond D and someone says your website is shit your sorry ass might believe it’s actually Diamond D too …ha!

  69. Oh and b4 I forget…Stop putting all the blame on someone who has supposed to have left…

    Is that You Nike D?

  70. *Yawn, eyes rolling…Are you (or anyone) serious? It’s a review…1 fucking review…which is an opinion…1 fucking opinion….If everyone is raving over the album and 1 person isn’t who cares? Even more if you and BP can’t accept 1 mediocre review then the music biz isn’t for you or yall. Also the more activity and comments on this, this site that nobody visits anymore, etc does nothing but add more hits to and will keep it higher on the google listing.

    It’s not a reviewer’s job to withhold HIS opinion…like previously stated, its 1 opinion. If you like the album, post a comment saying how much you like the album. Its crazy post comments about how much you dislike the review and Nick D to this degree…

    All is ignorant, childish and stupid

  71. “A wise man once told me don’t argue with fools… …because people from a distance
    can´t tell who is who”…

    if you were really around for the busy bee battles and hanging round NY in the mid to late 70’s you must be at least in your mid to late 50’s and this is how you spend your days berating people for reviews from long ago and making idle threats from the comfort of your home? AtotheL is that dude and I’m shocked he even gave you the time of day for rational conversation c’mon old man river you may have been real b4 me but you need to calm your old ass down #highbloodpressure

  72. Wot a post eh… just quick question… I been on this website before but not this post. I came by this post from a link on A to L twitter. I read through the entire thread and regardless of the Blak Prophetz album it is very clear that a large portion of the ‘public’ contributions speak for the Blak Prophetz and are in favour of their album..Fine if thats the case but why is the owner of the website fight with ‘PUBLIC OPINION’…I cannot understand why A to L or the writer of the review feels they have try to convince the public of thier personal opinion…Surely your website should be able to absorb public opinion and not get involved as such actions are considered ‘Unprofessional’ in the world of reporting or journalism.

    I have nothing against the Blak Prophetz…I’ve head the album my opinion is that is good…but the owner of the website should not counteract or get involved in an opinion from the public no matter how he dislikes the artist.

    The review in question did appear quite personal and should have been a lot more professionally unbiased. There were also some accusations which I also felt was a bit unecessary. I have nothing against anyone..I’m a nuetral person but in fairness if I was the owner of the website I would remove the entire post from your database. Keeping this online kind of demonstrates the owners persistant to convince the public that his points are right or must be heard.

    I don’t think this is fair on the artist or healthy for your website…Get rid of this post I say…its going just demonstrates unprofessional insults from the owner to the public…

    Take care folks…

  73. Firstly… a large proportion, eh? Three to four people tops, 2 of which five years ago where proven to be the same person using different user names. I seem to see a similarly ‘large proportion’ putting across the point that it’s completely cool for people to have differences in opinion. (I’m sure you’ll also have seen, having read the entire set of comments, that I actually reviewed a Blak Prophetz 12″ all those years ago and gave it a POSITIVE REVIEW. However I didn’t resort to name calling with (long-departed) Nick D because his opinion was different to mine.)

    So secondly, I don’t actually dislike the artist. What I do dislike is people thinking that jumping into a comments section issuing threats, and calling names is a mature way to debate the subject. If you’re as neutral as you claim, then you should agree, right?

    And thirdly, delete a post just because someone got their feelings hurt? That would just be silly. Nobody’s forcing anybody to come here and read all this waffle.

    “I cannot understand why A to L or the writer of the review feels they have try to convince the public of thier personal opinion…”

    I had resolved this morning to only reply to all future comments in picture format, so I apologize for dragging out the above few paragraphs, but since you actually came at the situation with a dose of decorum, I tried to answer with the same. However I’d like you to re-read your above quote, and then hopefully you’ll understand why it deserves the following picture…

    Pot meet kettle

  74. I don’t think the owner of the site is trying to convince anyone…but you do back your writers opinions even if as he stated is different than his….Different yet similar to the dude with all the threats…he runs with BP and is backing his people…

    I agree, a difference in opinion is warranted but threats, name calling, etc is ignorance at its finest.

  75. hold up..Hold..up…You mistook threats with the request to reveal yo monkey ass self…Stop hiding behind the computer!

    Public can name guess my age but its not 50+..The girl with the monie luv avatar is 100% right and I believe the response that speaks for you or against this album is A to L’s friends or even ‘Nick the Dick’ under a different name but regardless of that who the fuck cares …Your accusation that its the same person does not stand when you base your findings on IP addresses as everyone knows they freak’in change everytime they reconnect and in some cases the even go to another provider and can cover bout 4 cities.

    I met the Blak Prophetz once in the Bronx..go back and read..I picked up thier CD…Checked it out…IT WAS FUCK’IN DOPE…Looking back at your other review for thier 12 inch praised it saying it was great…suddely you switch…to personal rants and accusations with the album.You were not personal with the 12 inch review but felt you had to be with the LP. I don’t role with any crew or band. I met these dudes once and listen to their album all the time. I support true Hip Hop bands like the Prophetz, Jazzy Jay, Bam and the rest…

    Like the lady said, the fact that you keep posting ‘YOUR OPINION’ is a clear indication of the power of influence you try to put over people who make any comment on your website you disagree with. Like some spoilt kid you want the last word and wonder why peeps tell you to shut the fuck up..The album has many dope songs on it and you bass your review on a few, You comment on none of the others, even the one you praised previuos which was on the same album. Did u hear the track called ‘Still A Kid’? Did u hear the track with the Producer King Ced Gee?..Guess not…You over shadowed the review on negative bullshit..

    You need to stop being child and grow the fuck up..Respeck the tru skool and its contributions they make cause today they ain’t contributing shit! and your grudge or personal stabs at real groups won’t make the situation we have in Hip Hop any better.

    Leave the comments section to the public, You and ya clown submitted your stupid review now let the public place theirs without your childish interfering ass. Comment on my spelling to divert from the issue is a bum out..besides typing on a phone ai’nt easy thats why the shit looks this way so there u have it…

    Respond again and again..I’m the public you just a sucker try’in to win votes..

  76. FACT: Nick D and A to the L are two different people. I don’t think Nick D had some personal problem with BP, but if he did, so what? WHO THE FUCK CARES?

    Its shallow to think just because someone is A) white, B) from another country…Ireland to think they know nothing about hip hop and/or “tru skool”

    This shit is repetitive…Nick D didn’t like the LP, A to the L liked the single, some liked the album, some did not…this is how the biz goes…fuck, let the shit go…all foolishness.

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