This YouTube craze…

Since all the cool blogs nowadays are throwing up vid of Junior Mafia beatdowns, Papoose freestyles, Biggie’s first Christmas, Beyonce going to the prom, *edit* ill cartoon intros and all other manner of assorted video tat, I thought I too would step into the ring with some YouTube niceness…


*edit* oh and Straight Bangin’ is taht craic!

*edit pt 2* Common tries desperately to look coolfails. What’s with the smoking anyway? Won’t that affect the growth of guava plants somewhere? I’m sick of seeing celebrities having a good time… bastards. (Props as ever to Fresh on the find.)

*edit pt 3* Chewblogga

7 Replies to “This YouTube craze…”

  1. That video is heartbreaking man. The bit where he says his name at the end only to have some mic feedback? Fucked up. I bet he’s topped himself.

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