Verbals by A to the L
CopperShot – Save Me (Ev Records)
My man Chester is back again from the brink of bankruptcy, following up the well-received “Chapter 7 EP” with this, the first single from “Issues”, his collaborative album with emcee Longshot (see how the name works now?) Over a mellow beat, similar in vibe to Masta Ace’s ‘Beautiful’, Longshot waxes lyrical about his daily battle with his own psyche, as guest vocallist Ka Di huskily moans the hook repeatedly. One of the nicest (and realest) tracks of this year. On the flip, ‘Issues’ bangs much harder, with Copperpot bringing a little more boom bap to the party, and although Longshot rambles a little bit, the beat still makes this an enjoyable outing. Bonus cut ‘Hesitate’ rounds off proceedings, and for some reason makes me think of Dilated Peoples (thankfully without Evidence’s irritating nasal issues) – its an ideal bouncy cut for a underground Hiphop club.
RATING – 7.5 / 10