REVIEW: Tanya Morgan – Moonlighting


Artist: Tanya Morgan

Album: Moonlighting

Label: Loud Minority Music

Rating: 8 / 10

Reviewer: A to the L

Who is Tanya Morgan? Well as 80,261 other Hiphop sites will tell you in their write-ups and reviews for this album, Tanya Morgan is not a neo-soul singer. Yawn. No shit, Sherlock – it says that in the press kit. You know that we do things differently here though.

Nya Jade

NOTE: Judging from the write up below and the video, this lady has probably ZERO Hiphop relevance. Who cares? I like the song a lot, and it broke up my day nicely in between eating tomato soup and watching Dem Franchize Boyz videos.

Nya Jade

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