The ‘I’m pissing off’ post

I’m off to just outside Atlanta for a week and a half. God knows if I’ll have net access while I’m there – if I don’t you’re stuck with The Source post, and Terrence Howard being a knob till I get back (unless some of the crew posts something.) If I do, then expect the usual brand of fuckwittery, only most of it will come from me while I’m ‘on-the-run’ (no homo).


Here’s the deal. I used to grab every issue of The Source and Hiphop Connection and have been doing so since around 1989-ish. When Vibe came along I started to get almost every issue of that as well. Rather than binning them like regular people, the Gollum in me decided to hoard them, tucking each issue of each magazine away in stacks of alphabetically-ordered box files each month. Over time, this stack of files grew until it was swamping my room, so they were moved out to my garage where they survived the biting arctic temperatures of winter, and the Sahara-like heat of summer and all the rest of the over-exaggerated weather that comes with the season changes in Northern Ireland.

Terrence Howard = Knob end


from AOL Blackvoices
“Oscar nominee Terrence Howard was honored last week at the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters’ (NABOB) 22nd Annual Communications Awards Dinner at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C., where he was presented an Entertainer of the Year Award. Backstage I caught up with Howard, who told me that the look of shock on his face when rap collective Three 6 Mafia won the Academy Award for Best Original Song was definitely authentic.