A to the L is not back


Cooked Crack

Georgia being shite, Ibooks blowing up (Apple you suck anal fissures), the arrival of La Familia from bogcountry, a complete vinyl and cd collection rearrangement and an impending trip to North Carolina (throw ya hands up, take your shirt off, spin it round your head like a helicopter etc etc) have all conspired to blow me off course (nullus) for another week or so…

There’s an extremely good chance that if North Carolina can overcome the same technological problems that Georgia faces (ie. harnessing the power of electricity correctly) that I may be able to post in situ (no homo). Otherwise hold your breath till the 2nd week in April.

Peace to RMHH – I know you’re all talking about me. Peace also to all the crazy kids who are emailing me – I can’t reply just now because I have grown up stuff to do.

In the meantime, those looking for something to read other than the collected works of the Blak Prophetz fan club, and the DJ Screw vs DJ Fury altercations can check out the following fine online tomes…

Straight Bangin’
Better Than Yours
Hot Kizzle
Jimi Izrael

Oh and peace to Professor X and Eazy-E. Unfortunately Benjamin Franklin’s work on electricity conduction must have never passed to those in the know in the 4th State, and I was unable to comment on their passing / anniversary.

Out for lunch.

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