Jarhead Contest

Jarhead Contest


Wow… two contests on the same site, at the same time! Who woulda thought?

Anyways, this one is in conjunction with the big dogs at Universal and is to help promote the release of their war flick “Jarhead” on DVD. (Review here by the way.)

Three lucky people will get their mitts on a copy of the “Jarhead” movie on DVD, and a set of promotional dog tags. Sporty, eh?

To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is EMAIL me the answer to the following question :

Jake Gyllenhaal, the lead actor in “Jarhead”, was recently nominated for an Oscar in “Brokeback Mountain”, a movie about tender love between:

A) Cheerleaders B) Oil Barons c) NFL Commentators d) Cowboys

The bit that nobody reads
The decision of moi, A to the L, and this site, Altrap.com, is final. Quit bickering – talk to the hand. As with the E-40 contest, I’ve turned the comments section for this post off to save some fuckwit a heap of embarrassment when they post the answer and their name & address there, and I leave it there for all to see. Fans of Spiderman pasta shapes might have better luck than everyone else in this quiz. Its now 3.24am – what’s the cure of insomnia?