KRS-One Scientific Poll

Eggy Kris

Following KRS-One’s gully display at Stanford university, I thought it was only fair to pull out the infamous poll thingy (no homo) that I used to run regularly on the old version of this site. I feel that opinion polls can provide a quick, but insightful glimpse at how a broad cross-section of the Hiphop internets is feeling on certain issues, and indeed have helped me find answers to several problems I’ve encountered in the past such as…

  • Cack problems
  • Boredness problems
  • Penis problems
  • Do I like Kanye West?
  • So with this in mind, I welcome all fans of Hiphop to provide their opinions on the scientific poll below.

    Scientific Poll Number 167521675
    Krs-One is…
    A cunt
    Neither of the above
    Both of the above

    5 Replies to “KRS-One Scientific Poll”

    1. KRS 1 a cunt?? Kris muthaphuckin Parker from the South Boogie? Man what the fruck are those 37% smoking? Oh wait, they must all be Nelly fans droppin down to get they eagle on! Ok, Kris may not as relevant as he was back in say, 1989, but FUCK if the nigga is a cunt!! For real, ya’ll Nelly ass niggas better show ya grillz, them white gold grillz that is, at least ya homo leader got a grill! But fuck all that, I though niggas had more sense that that, oh well you always have Nelly and Kanye West to hold and hug ahhhhh life is so SWEET, yo no homo!

    2. It’s gettin hot in Herre so take off all your clothes, still gettin ya eagles on ya bitch ass niggas? Don’t know nuttin boy hip hop…BUCK BUCK COME DOEN SELECTA! What dissin KRS like dat? still can’t get over that shit!

    3. KRS is (for lack of a better word which would better identify his works throughout his career) great. I use the word “great” meaning this: A person who knows well that he’s a ready-to-be-received dose of the medicine which, too many people who require it, sadly, cannot swallow his highly constructive, and beneficial flavor, though it is anything but bitter.

      Few who have bumped into his meaning could get a tight enough grasp on it in order to further themselves.

      I cherish what KRS has done…Also, we share views concerning this era of an over-abundance of superficial rappers who have stolen a few aspects of hip hop, mainly just the instruments, then they went off track by rearranging the original true ethics of hip hop and mixed in fascination with material items and greed, then finally the outcome were these rappers living thier lives by showing us thier aim for nothing other than to be seen for an insubstantial reason, or high record sales.

      KRS-One’s profound meaning will live with me forever.

      Its truly unlike anything the intelligent mind has ever heard before.

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