“Leaving a gash like the New York Slasher…

… Showing my inches in a trench like a flasher”

The Glenn Close 'Fatal Attraction' award goes to...

Moving this site to a blog format and giving readers the opportunity to comment on an individual review directly below it, instead of badgering me via email has been the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in the 8 year life of this site. Its really cut down on the number of emails directly to me from Eminem fans threatening me with death, El-P fans trying to debate me into submission, and 50 Cent fans wanting me to pass on to Curtis how much they want to sex him up. Now they can just leave their ‘groupie love’ right on the page.

Over the weekend, we had a new contender for the Glenn Close award. This is beautiful. Since the weekend, the comments area of this review has grown into a fevered debate on the merits of Pharoahe Monch being from Queens, and how much I love Mickey Mouse. You gotta love these Hiphop heads who ‘keep it real’ on the internets (especially the ones who don’t understand what an IP is.)

A round up of other notes, quotes, and scrotes from the last couple of days :

Fat Joe dropped from Atlantic? Somewhere out there Curtis Jackson is grinning his lopsided ventilation hole-filled face off.

Where’s Will? Nowt since Feb 15… ou est Le Nastack?

Note to E. Wilson. Before you go bragging about how your site is going to blow our balls off (nh), make sure it at least WORKS first. Sometimes pages are showing, sometimes not. Sometimes the graphics are laid out properly, other times they’re huddled together, bumping awkwardly into each other like words in a Talib Kweli verse. Before even drawing attention to the shit, you might have at least made sure that it works properly – its like an early version of Altrap, but without the good-looking editor. Oh well.


Jeezy arrested on gun shit in Miami. Dude, you’re already pissing off authorities by waving the Snowman shit all in their face… you know they’re ITCHING to get you, so why get caught in that situation? Think smarter.

C-Murder conviction overturned, although he’s not out of the woods yet. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how him getting out affects his relationship with Master P – rumor had it that P largely avoided visiting C-Murder in prison during his stay there.

Today €™s listening list
Big P, Skeme, The Extremists & Estelle – Everybody
Demon Boyz – Junglist
ESG & Slim Thug – Rollin’
Gucci Mane – Go ‘Head
Three Times Dope – Who Is This?
Yazoo – Situation
(download it here)

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