Jarhead Contest

Jarhead Contest


Wow… two contests on the same site, at the same time! Who woulda thought?

Anyways, this one is in conjunction with the big dogs at Universal and is to help promote the release of their war flick “Jarhead” on DVD. (Review here by the way.)

E-40 Contest

E-40 Contest


In a nice little collaboration with my friends at BME, Sick Wid It, and Reprise Records and my main homegirl Michelle at Audible Treats, I’ve managed to get my hands on a couple of E-40 prize packs to help celebrate the release of his new album, “My Ghetto Report Card”.

KRS-One Scientific Poll

Eggy Kris

Following KRS-One’s gully display at Stanford university, I thought it was only fair to pull out the infamous poll thingy (no homo) that I used to run regularly on the old version of this site. I feel that opinion polls can provide a quick, but insightful glimpse at how a broad cross-section of the Hiphop internets is feeling on certain issues, and indeed have helped me find answers to several problems I’ve encountered in the past such as…

ARTICLE: The Rebirth Of Classic Obsession Tour, Japan

The Rebirth Of Classic Obsession Tour, Japan (by Sam Frank, The Oceanboom)

In the mid 70 €™s DJs, rappers, promoters, artists, dancers, and music fans alike aligned their talents with music to demonstrate the many breathtaking facets of urban culture which emanated from America €™s concrete jungles. Fueled by its fresh and unrivaled sound, hip hop became the youth €™s loudest and most prolific voice used to spread the message of €œone love € throughout inner city communities.

REVIEW: Tanya Morgan – Moonlighting


Artist: Tanya Morgan

Album: Moonlighting

Label: Loud Minority Music

Rating: 8 / 10

Reviewer: A to the L

Who is Tanya Morgan? Well as 80,261 other Hiphop sites will tell you in their write-ups and reviews for this album, Tanya Morgan is not a neo-soul singer. Yawn. No shit, Sherlock – it says that in the press kit. You know that we do things differently here though.

Nya Jade

NOTE: Judging from the write up below and the video, this lady has probably ZERO Hiphop relevance. Who cares? I like the song a lot, and it broke up my day nicely in between eating tomato soup and watching Dem Franchize Boyz videos.

Nya Jade

“My Denial” IN STORES MAY 16
Katako Records