Rap-A-Lot Records – blast from the past…

My man Omar over at Rap-A-Lot passed me these classic pics to share with everyone. Remember them days, when the original line-up Geto Boys was spelt with an ‘H’ and two ‘T’s’? (And yes, this is a graphic-heavy post, but hey – its fucking pictures – what do you expect?)

Click to see bigger version

Geto Boys

5th Ward Juveniles

Bushwick Bill

Ganksta Nip

OG Style

Prince Johnny C


Too Much Trouble

Roster for 2006

One Reply to “Rap-A-Lot Records – blast from the past…”

  1. Ahhhh the days before chucking the deuce, before sittin sideways, before sippin on barre, before leaning on Codeine Promethezine or whatever the fuck it’s called( shit I used to think ‘lean” was DXM for tha longest!! ) and certainly before the chubby white boy took over. Hey, nuttin but love for the new breed of H town niggas what Paul Wall I see you nigga…but fuck if the original Ghetto Boys wasn’t the SHIT! Ok, maybe they were sippin purple sprites back then but it certainly wans’t popular. It was about as popular as LSD 25 is at a G Unit party!! ALREADY!! My mind playing tricks on me mane!

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