Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J.Prince inks Deal with Trae/Guerilla Maab Ent.


Houston, Texas
J.Prince and Rap-A-Lot Records announces a joint venture with Trae / G-Maab Entertainment. Coming off of a very successful ’05 year for the Rap-A-Lot / Asylum tag team, this is one project that you don €™t want to sleep on! €œThis is what true soldiers do; we unite and handle our business. We are about to do big things in 06 €, says J.Prince. €œRestless € the new Trae album will hit the streets March 06 under distribution / marketing w/ (Warner Music Group) WGM/Asylum

Trae got his start as one third of the legendary dirty south group Guerilla Maab, along with cousins Dougie D and Z-RO. Trae his established him self as one of the premier independent artist in the south. There is a saying, €œEverything that you see on the surface, there is a root attached to it €. Trae is part of that legendary root, of Southern music that you are currently hearing on the airwaves, he is right there with the best of them, surfacing out of Houston. In addition to currently having 3 well established albums that were released under his own G. Maab Ent., €œResurrected-2002 €, €œYear of the Underdawg-2002 €, & €œLosing Composure-2003 €, the new album €œRestless € will lead off with the club banger €œSwang €, Trae is no stranger to the mechanics of producing hits.

€œBasically we were going in the same direction. I know you were hearing different rumors about me signing with Universal, but at the end of the day I had to go to bat for the Home Team, that €™s why I brought myself and G-Maab Entertainment to Rap-A-Lot, we are both CEO €™s of our own labels, so with Rap-A-Lot & Asylum we are going to make a lot of noise this year. € says Trae.

Trae €™s music is seen by so many as inspirational and thought provoking. Always staying in tune with the streets, he captivates listeners with his €œreal € mentality, and strong lyrical content. Trae is often described as a €œProphet in the Hood € always keeping God first he never misses a chance to tell it like it is. Trae takes his music to heart and guarantees you will too.

€œRestless €
Trae Bio 2006
By Matt Sonzala

In hip-hop, every few years a rare voice emerges from a regional scene that carries so much weight that it can €™t be denied. While the young up and comers flourish on MTV for all the world to see, there €™s always an underground champion who represents the real pulse of his city, sometimes deeper and more intensely than some want to hear. As artists like Mike Jones, Paul Wall and Slim Thug paint Houston as a city of diamond waterfalls and never ending Bentley dealerships, there €™s one rapper who is determined to give the world a real picture of his H-Town streets.

Trae grew up in Houston, Texas. Born and raised a product of it €™s south side streets. Among other notable distinctions, he €™s a member of the Screwed Up Click and the ABN Gang. Since his first appearance on wax, on his cousin Z-ro €™s debut CD, Look What You Did To Me, to this moment today, Trae has been one of the most consistently lyrical, street reporters this region has ever known.

His first official release hit the world in 1999, the classic Guerilla Maab album, Rise. Rise helped set the tone for a whole resurgence in Houston. Back then, Trae, Zro and Dougie D were all about 16 or 17 years old, and their youthful fire showed through on every track. Theirs was a new sound for Houston, harder, more aggressive, yet also smarter and more focused than many who came before them. Not since the Geto Boys released their classic Grip It On That Other Level, ten years earlier, had the city heard such genuinely heartfelt angst.

Rise was recorded and released just after Trae returned from a short stint in jail. That experience taught him to focus on his music, but still he remained in the streets. €œI caught an aggravated robbery case by being young and crazy. € Trae remembers, €œI was on the streets. It was a blessing. I didn €™t do nothing but probably some weeks in jail, but I was on paper for like two years for aggravated robbery. They tried to give me close to 40 years. But it was a blessing man, the DA knew my lawyer and they felt they could give me another chance for me to not mess my life off. Cuz I had been doing music, so I was already known for that. They ended up doing that to where I only got two years deferred, but if I had messed up on that deferred probation then I €™d have did the max that I could do on that case. €

That forced focus of sorts has paid off for Trae. From his world famous SLAB mixtapes, to his regional solo releases, Trae €™s name is known in Texas as one of the realest to ever spit. His raw emotion and true tales of the ills of the streets are rare in rap today. On a Trae album you won €™t find the endless barrage of bling bling. But you will hear some of the most heartfelt tales of woe and fury ever recorded.

€œPeople always wonder why we be so serious, € Trae reflects, €œand I sit back and let €˜em know, we keep a lot of shit we go through inside our chests. We ain €™t the type to go talk about our problems to nobody so that €™s what make us good at what we do in this music shit. We go through shit on a day to day basis. That €™s why we have so much shit to talk about. That €™s why I €™m glad we go through shit. I hate that it be how we go through it but it €™s good that we do go through it because without that, shit, what would we have? Shit, my brother Dinky doing three life sentences, I can €™t be there. I don €™t even want him there. I gotta do this for him and for me and my whole family. €

The tales of reality don €™t come from hearsay or his imagination either. Trae is the rare rapper who really lives the street life every day. Whether he wants it or not, it is a part of him. €œLast year I ended up catching a bullshit case being in a shootout that wasn €™t even our fault, € he explains, €œit was the fact that motherfuckers up there on drugs trippin €™ with theyself and can €™t handle they drugs and wanna get buck. I €™m going through so much bullshit, like I was going through a case between our whole ABN family against a whole certain precinct police station. Not no one policeman, I €™m talking about literally where it €™s like warfare. We come out our house they itching to come get us. We ain €™t in no fairy tale shit. I €™m gonna be consistent till they put me in my grave and hopefully when they put me in my grave it €™s still gonna be consistent. €

His solo albums, Losing Composure, Same Thing Different Day, Drama, Return of the Streets, Say Hello to the Asshole and Later Dayz are all regarded as classics. But it €™s his forthcoming release Restless that has had the streets buzzing for the past year. Restless is a collection of some of Trae €™s strongest works to date. While there were rumors in the streets of Trae signing a deal with Universal, the real deal is Trae kept things right at home and recently inked a distribution deal with Rap-A-Lot Records.

In the meantime, while going through the process of finally getting a major deal, Trae has stayed busy working with everyone from Paul Wall to Kool G. Rap to The Game. But it €™s his current single with Screwed Up Click members Hawk and the late Fat Pat, €œSwang € that is currently putting him over the top. €œSwang € is a heartfelt tribute to everything that made H-Town what it is.

€œIt €™s only right for me to bring my culture and my team. € Trae will always ride for his people. €œ €™Swang, €™ that was a term Screwed Up Click used period. That €™s just our shit. Pat is a legend man and with me and Hawk around he ain €™t never gonna fade away. And then Screw, I ain €™t gonna let that shit fade away. I brought that shit back because I felt my first impact needed to be what I represent and who the fuck they need to be respecting right now because this man paved the way for everybody. €

And that €™s real. The road paved by Screw may be getting trampled by newcomers with pop aspirations, but if you really dig deep into the core of Houston, you €™ll see that artists like Trae, the Rap-A-Lot Family, Screwed Up Click and the ABN Gang are really what keeps this independent minded city thriving. When everyone else fades away, there will still be the foundation. And Trae is one of the strongest and most unique bricks in that mug.

€œYeah I €™m away from the pack. € Trae states in closing. €œPeople gotta understand that I €™m the black sheep of the pack. But also the fact that I €™m the truth. Everything I say is true, nothing is falsified. You €™re gonna see a lot of real shit coming from me. I ain €™t here to be friendly with nobody. I ain €™t here really to kick up no dust. It just is what it is, the truth. I €™m bringing to the game the realness, no fabricated shit. No ridin €™ nobody €™s dick cuz they hot. I did my own thing. I made my own way. €

Trae ft Hawk & Fat Pat – Swang

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  1. say i always can relate to trae because of is pain and his realness and by him being the truth in the street .that what keep me going through life even tho it’s hard out here being in the streets and not because i wont to be in the streets it’s because the streets chose me to be there and that were i been sece a child so by me listen to trae,z-ro,dougie,and the a.b.n. gang pushes me to grind harder threw life. So I can really say that him been who he is and what he stand fo really help me go threw a lot of shit man even though i dont no trae or the gang personaly its just there pain and aggravatoin that they spit and thats real than a motherfucker so thats my comment on trae and for trae -truth . free z-ro, free j-ton,and dinky.


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