Terrence Howard = Knob end


from AOL Blackvoices
“Oscar nominee Terrence Howard was honored last week at the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters’ (NABOB) 22nd Annual Communications Awards Dinner at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C., where he was presented an Entertainer of the Year Award. Backstage I caught up with Howard, who told me that the look of shock on his face when rap collective Three 6 Mafia won the Academy Award for Best Original Song was definitely authentic.

I asked what was going through his mind when Queen Latifah announced the winner. “It’s hard out here for a pimp,” Howard laughed. “No honestly, I was very surprised. I was extremely surprised! I thought ‘In the Deep’ would win from ‘Crash.'”

Howard confessed, however, that he wasn’t happy about Three 6 Mafia’s overall performance during the Oscar broadcast. “Just seeing the way they performed, it kind of broke my heart though. Not the way Three 6 Mafia did it, but everything I tried to escape in my portrayal of that role, it seems that they went right to the stereotype that I wanted to assassinate. The people who had choreographed it apparently hadn’t seen the film,” he said.

Why didn’t Howard perform the song himself on the award show, since he is who actually performs the track in the film? “Because the people who had choreographed it hadn’t seen the film,” he answered.”

What a complete fool. Everything you tried to escape? You were playing a violent pimp, who turned to rap music, not because you loved it, but because this was a new moneymaking tactic. You were playing a guy who tried to ‘escape’ his old life of pimping women, by beating the shit out of another rapper, and being sent to jail. Talk me through the positives in that again, old chum…

Seems to me that the only reason Terry Boy didn’t jump on stage with Three 6 is because it may have hurt his standing among the white people with the fat wallets he was sitting amongst. While the majority of southern Hiphop-lovers (read: me and Phil) loved the shit, we all know how the Hollywood suit viewed that performance by Paul, J, Crunchy and the cast of Fame. Scurred of getting those roles next to Sandra Bullock if too many people get reminded that you had the role of a nasty ol’ provider of loose women down pat, Terence?

Whoop Terence

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  1. Just winding up the fat old gits who run hollywood wont get anyone anywhere. He may be a crawling butt licker but thats his choice, calling yerself Three 6 Mafia is equally a choice, and is equally butt licking and stupid, but just a different set of arse cheeks getting tongued. They are both incredibly stupid, dont know how its possible to applaud either

  2. You can say what you want about him but I dont give a damn he has got to be the sexiest man alive and I have never even seen all the people in the world. So to all yall haters “dont hate him cuz you aint him”!!!

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