DJs get no credit…

Sad... Damn....

…or no time, no life, or no chance to actually LISTEN PROPERLY to all this music (much of it shit) that people are flinging at us, desperate for us to play it, write about it, spread the word about it, wipe our arses with it etc etc etc… Just because your boy told you that your bleeps and blips are some hot shit, it doesn’t actually mean that real people – you know, like out in the real world – will actually want to listen to your cd. Its gonna be my new coaster, you wally. Leave me alone.

While I get ready to go back to bogland by rearranging and packing crates of music that I know I’ll never play, and feeling guilty about not writing reviews, I’d like you lovely ladies and gents to read the following pieces by people-who-I-check-regularly (nh) who have been more active that me lately. Once I get my musical house in order, normal service will resume (big shouts to mattmatical btw, who has continued to provide me with content over the past couple of weeks)


Noz doesn’t like Gnarls Barkley. This is so close to my own opinion about this type of shit-hop, that I almost could have written it. Except I didn’t. Noz did. He also writes this. Check it. Religiously.

Captain Bee strikes a blow for all confused men (no homo). Bow at his feet, beeyatches.

Humanity Critic comes through with the insightful dating play-by-play. Golden.

Jimi Izrael speaks some real talk on this Duke thingy, as well as giving regular Bible Class-attendees a clinic on strip club game.

Wasteland Drifter is actually one of those sad bastards who seems to like Gnarls Barkley. I won’t hold that against him though (nh). Nor the fact that he’s sleeping on his review and posting job over here. The tool. Check him out on his own corner of the universe, as he throws some remixes out for perusal, and gets his score prediction for Everton wrong. Again.

With that, I bid you a-jew.

3 Replies to “DJs get no credit…”

  1. Yes I do like Gnarls and I openly admit it.

    Noz obviously has a big chip on his shoulder although strangely enough he’s giving ‘J Beez Wit The Remedy’ some props now so he can’t be all that bad.

    And yes the reviews are taking some time… Quality over quantity or some other lame excuse to try and hide my laziness.

  2. Gnarls=gay

    and rubbish.

    the end.

    don’t worry so much about the reviews – I’m just yanking your chain (no gimp), and I’ve already heard every possible excuse in existence from MF anyway…

  3. ‘St Elsewhere’ is a very good album.

    I don’t give a shite about the press blurb or the NME masturbation sessions over anything Dangermouse, it’s just a good album. Not perfect but not rubbish.

    To be honest I think they look like tools in the photo’s, and the artwork and ‘bio’ is a little self-indulgent but what do you expect from someone who went to art college?

    I’ve not seen anything where either Cee-Lo or Dangermouse have said they’re progressive or words to similar effect, that’ll be ‘critics’ and sycophants.

    Instead I’ve read them suggesting they made an album they wanted to make and I can’t fault them for that.

    It does indulge in the modern fascination with insanity and depression. I wouldn’t say it was groundbreaking in it’s methods of doing this but that’s no reason to hate them, more reason to focus the hate at the critics who are saying any different.

    Anyway I’ve got to go and service someone through a gloryhole, toodle-pip!

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