Gott im Himmel! Meine Augen!


Achtung! Achtung!

What the fuck is this bitch smoking? More importantly, who’s the yes-man who actually tells her she looks sexy? I want to destroy him, and then her. Those with any wit at all can already see that the definition line on the right side of her pot belly obviously ends with her meat-and-2-veg tucked between her legs and taped to the back of her arsehole. In the dude-looks-like-a-lady contest, only Mary J Blige ranks higher. Those who want to risk going blind can click here to see the biggie (no homo).

Not that I ever really liked the Black Eyed Peas anyway – although ‘Jointz N Jamz’ will always be the shit, they fell the fuck off around the time they passed the pipe to Macy Gray – but I can safely say that this heifer is probably the main reason why I want the entire group to fall off a cliff. Of course I’m an equal opportunity and multiracial hater, and thus the little coconut-headed dude with the mohican and the shit-eating grin, the Native American/regular-dude-with-a-big-nose-and-long-face with the shampoo-ad hair, and Will I Am (as much for the retarded name, as the shitty pop sellout beats) all get their own turn near the top of the hateration tree. But for real – Fergus is the Christmas fairy of this hate-game shit, proudly sitting her 62-year old ass on top of the highest branch, sprinkling those below with streams of hot golden piss.

Stop the madness, love. And put your fucking clothes back on.

On a semi-related note, since we’re talking about annoying cunts, check out Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason. He is cool. He is nerdcore. He has a compilation. Nobody will like it. He is cool. The end.

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