He was the greatest emcee in the world…



Can you say “don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit” with me, ladies?

Look, its sad that another human being has died, but why the hell is there this grand outpouring of feelings for (and there’s no other way to describe it) an idiot who decided that pulling out his strap would be the ideal way to settle an argument? Granted the argument is settled now, but not in the way he hoped, I’m sure. Because of this 32 year old man deciding to behave like a 15 year old juvenile, five kids don’t have a father today. Still, I’m sure they’re glad their daddy ‘kept it real’ right to the end, right?

Amongst the mass outpouring of grief from people who would never even have heard of Proof at all had it not been for a certain white boy, there have been Dilla-esque attempts to rewrite Hiphop history once more. Its actually hilarious to check out some of these marks spitting about how much they loved homeboy’s amazing skills, when his ‘much underrated’ album stands at around 50,000 copies sold. It seems they didn’t love him THAT much.

And yes for the record, I’ve heard many of Proof’s freestyles including the infamous Westwood/Eminem ones, where he does indeed rap rings around Marshall, but that was a looooooooooooooooog time ago, and his work with D-12 is hardly something to write home about, is it? At least Royce Da 5’9 tried to step out from under Em’s nutsack to try get a little acclaim of his own. Like it or not, Proof is going to go down in history as a Slim Shady weedcarrier who got popped arguing over a pool game.

< Spike Lee-ism on >
Remember kids, if he hadn’t been killed, he’d be up on attempted murder charges today, and while it may seem like that’s the current coolest move to promote a new album (Hi Cassidy), its actually bloody retarded, and if more people in the Hiphop industry (and society as a whole) spoke the truth about this type of shit instead of glorifying it, etc etc etc… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Always remember, young jedi… man who pulls gun too easily lacks scrotal sack and boxing ability.
< Spike Lee-ism off >

Meanwhile this has gone largely unnoticed. RIP. And this has gone largely ignored after the initial news broke. Both more worthy recipients of people’s adulation and respect than Jesse James above.

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  1. Its funny cuzz its true…These rappers start believing the hype they created and it ends up…well u know (jail time,death,making hip-hop[read: black community] look bad, etc.) “Think its a game till them things come out…”

  2. wow,

    it’s amazing that someone who dedicates so much time to sharing his/her opinion with the world through a blog can just run with whatever the fucc mainstream media says happened. you show true ignorance and make me question anything you say because now i see you use the most invalad sources to form a opinion.

    look at the facts, Proof was a 32 year old adult with 5 children and a Concealed weapons permit. if you know anything about Michigan Law (i live on the other side of the state) you know it is damn near impossible for anyone from the hood to get a concealed weapons permit due to the requirements. i cannot get one because i had a driving on suspended license misdemeanor 4 years ago! what does this mean? this means this nicca went 32 years in Detroit with a damn near spotless record (or at least the last 4 or 5 years). also consider he has been a certified millionaire probably since the day Em became one so getting fucked up and hanging out in Detroit at after hour clubs with a endless budget to get lifted on and without loosing his cool was probably a common night for him. i have real trouble believing this story and we are forgetting there is still one person on trial who has every reason in the world to make up this story and that is because it helps his self defense claims and his family’s lawsuit against Proofs estate. in the end the truth may come out who knows but if you think just because CNN, ABC, or NBC said it it’s true your a fucking fool. all mainstream media outlets always default to the negative version of any hiphop related story regardless of how many holes it has in it!

    FYI just so you don’t think I’m some groupie ass nicca:
    Proof’s last album i downloaded instead of buying because i figured it would be suspect after his D12 work and i was right it was straight garbage to me. i never liked anything of his but his voice.

  3. “look at the facts, Proof was a 32 year old adult with 5 children…”
    “…so getting fucked up and hanging out in Detroit at after hour clubs with a endless budget to get lifted on and without loosing his cool was probably a common night for him””

    The above 2 sentences kinda sum up his stupidity… if you have a wife and 5 kids, and you’re 32 years old, why the hell are you still running the streets, hitting bars, and getting shitfaced every night… shouldn’t you be at home tucking your kids into bed? Now nobody’s saying that’s evidence enough to be killed for, but maybe if he’d been partaking in a little bit of “My Pet Goat” with his seed then he’d still be alive today to record some more rap music that nobody really cares for.

    A Lesson Learned

    And as for keeping his nose clean during the last 4 or 5 years… didn’t he clock Tommy Lee just a couple of months back? True, homeboy dropped the N-bomb so if he gets a smack in the mouth for it and learns to watch his language in future then fine, but don’t paint Proof as some kind of angle (no Aaliyah – what up rmhh?) when he clearly wasn’t… even if he’s the nicest guy in the world, he shouldn’t have BEEN in that situation in the first place, much less pull out a piece to settle an argument – that’s some teenage gangsta shit. Knuckle up bwoi.

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