History rewrite 101

Dilla Maimed My Wife

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m banging on about this like I have an axe to grind with the man – I honestly don’t. (Its actually a circular saw, but I digress.) I felt though that another attempt to deify Dilla in the latest issue of Scratch (The Roots cover) couldn’t go without a mention. By the way, there’s a beautiful interview with Dilla’s mother on the opposite page to the one where the quotes below appear, which really is quite emotional to read. (See I’m not a heartless bastard at all. At least not all the time.)


Fusion Unlimited (who?) proclaims Dilla Dawg as “the best to have ever done it”.

Hmmmm… obviously I just imagined the existence of these three then…
3 Kings

And Molly Moll meanwhile never did shit for Hiphop apparently…

Molly Moll
Molly Moll

9th Wonder meanwhile tells us that “if you ever use the handclap in a beat its because you listened to Dilla, man.”

Well tickle my rear with a Humpty nose (no homo)! I wonder what these bright young fellows might have to say about that claim…
Digital Underground

Stop the madness, please.

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  1. I love Dilla and think that the dude strongly influenced me, but I’d agree that this tendency to overstate things in the wake of death should stop. It’s corny.

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