It ain’t where you from…

“…its where you at.”

The pictures in this post are only a small sample that show the “fun” I’ve had over the past couple of weeks. After this weekend, with an out-of-towner to North Cackalacka, normal service on will be resumed.

In the meantime, big shouts to the GCB & Co-Lab. ‘Where’s My Lighter’ is fucking fiyah. Eyebrows raised to DJ Fury who continues to argue his case over here. Props to Byron for taking on Bun B (no homo) – some silly people should know better than to play into YN’s hands with the jumping all over the XXL webpage lark. Don’t you know he’s going to masturbate himself into a frenzy in next month’s editorial now over how well his site is doing?

Anyone, here’s some random pics of bullshit. Stay tuned.

Word to the one, MISTAJAM, with his own t-shirt line

Buckhead, ATL represent

Bald lady smoking a cigar in Tallahassee. Beautiful.

No homo deodorant

No homo cocktail sauce
Nullus 2

Liberace is alive! Here he is with his purple homo dog
teh ghey

Crowd participation in Macon, Georgia became a problem

Oh, and big shouts to Allure (nullus) who pointed out that for 7-plus years I’ve been spelling Jay-Z’s name wrong. Its Shawn not Sean apparently. Word to Puffy. Shame on me for not paying enough attention to that – there goes my multi million dollar deal with Def Jam… how can I be expected to sign there now when I don’t even know the bossman’s name? Shame on the zillions of people who have given me grief over the years for my Jigga reviews, and didn’t even manage to hit that easy target either. Y’all are as foolish as me.


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  1. >

    Who/what’s YN?

    Anyway, prime example for what’s wrong with all that opinionated blogger bullshit. People thinking they’re ‘critics’ with their oh so provocative columns.

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