Simple equations…


Lupe Fiasco in 2006 = Papoose in 2005 = some kid who Net people blow up as some super-rhymer, when in effect I’d rather staple my testicles to my forehead than go through a whole album of their drivel. “Food & Liquor” leaked? Who cares?

Haters of Lil Jon in 2003/2004 = Lil Jon nutswingers in 2006, just because he’s working with E-40 (and hyphy is the latest whitebelt craze).

Fergie from Black Eyed Peas = XY zygote

MP3 Hotlinkers from this site = Its over bitches.

TI’s “King” > Ghostface’s “Fishscale”

DJ Whoo Kid = DJ Kay Slay + DJ Clue – actual skills. (An oldie but goodie)

More to come when I can be arsed, I actually had a nice little piece in my head about this whole Lupe nonsense, but I have to go eat some food, and burn some cds. Maybe tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Simple equations…”

  1. Lupe has skill, as does Papoose.

    You somehow deny that, yet label “King” better than “Fishscale”

    Whatever, I agree with he rest.

  2. Lupe and Papoose are the new Canibus, ie. some lyrical cat who came into the game with some rugged reputations for spitting but really don’t do an awful lot for me (nh).

    Ghost meanwhile is undeniably an emcee with talent and personality, but despite some real high points on Fishscale I found that a lot of it was a little average to be honest. Also I’m sick of people giving Ghost crazy dap for talking gobbledegook… often people will quote some completely warped line that doesn’t make ANY sense, and hold it up as example of Ghost being ‘lyrical’. When the man is on, he’s on, but please don’t be trying to tell me that this other shit he kicks sometimes is some otherworld, next level shit, because it isn’t. Its simply nonsense. (And so is D4L, and he dissed THEM for talking rubbish!)

    King meanwhile, despite being 4 tracks too long, is definitely more listenable (to me anyway.) So there.

    I win.

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