You Scouse bastards…

You Scouse bastards

Not content with trying to overturn Alan Smith’s ambulance outside Anfield, or throwing cups of shit onto United fans during the game in February, or with having an international day of mourning for Hillsborough recently (once again), the murderers descended on Old Trafford at the weekend for their FA Cup semi-final against the Chosen Ones, and once again showed they’re a classy act, truly deserving of the ‘City Of Culture’ tag they like to bray about receiving.

With any comments regarding Hillsborough or standing at games usually being met with letters of disgust and outrage from half of Merseyside, its not surprising that the media in general usually adopts an ‘anything for a quiet life’ approach to coverage of the vermin, with the stereotypically cheeky chirpy Tarby-like comedian still being pushed to the fore as the unofficial face of the city. What they don’t tell you is that while he’s telling you those humorous jokes, his mate is behind you with a sock full of coins and an eye on your wallet, while his brother already has 3 of the wheels off your car and is working on the fourth.

And so it came to pass that after Alan Smith’s ambulance was ambushed by those lovable rogues, and their colleagues inside cheerfully showered Utd fans with excrement, that many of the UK TV and newspaper outlets went into cover-up mode, and barely mentioned anything until it became clear that they HAD to print something as the cat had temporarily escaped from the bag. It seems that the same seems to be happening with their display at OT this weekend…

Scouse Cunts

Scouse Cunts

Scouse Cunts

Scouse Cunts

Scouse Cunts

Scouse Cunts

…there’s hardly been a ripple in the media pond about the above. However were the shoe on the other foot and it was United fans (or other fans) smashing up Anfield and bombing Heysel and Hillsborough tags all over the shop, we’d never see the end of the handwringing from those cunts.

George Bush needs to forget about Iran and just drop the big one on Lime Street station.

Sidenote: Ain’t karma a bitch though.

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  1. 🙁

    You could always post an entry about how great *I* am. That’s worthy of Capital of Culture alone.

  2. The Red Shite do tend to have a lot of dickhead supporters.

    Both sets of supporters really need to get over the jealousy of the other club, neither of you will be remembered as the second best team in England after Everton, it’s just one of those things.

    Get over it, move on or buy yourselves nice royal blue jerseys with Change Beer emblazoned across them from JJB outlets throughout the land… You’d have to hate no one then, other than the majority of your own team and a lot of the clubs board…

  3. “You’d have to hate no one then, other than the majority of your own team and a lot of the clubs board”

    you’re obviously oblivious to the non-existence of the Rio Ferdinand Appreciation Society then? or the fact that certain members of the Red Issue site had cyber-street parties when it was announced that Malcom Glazer had suffered a stroke? Hate is good, my unwashed friend. Hate is good.

  4. Yeah but hating Man Utd players is easy, most of the country already does that.

    Evertonians are alone in hating the likes of Richard Wright and McFadden. We do have some sympathy from Sunderland with regards Kilbane but that only makes us hate him more.

    Yes, both Red Shite fans should stop their hatred of each other, forget about their pointless clubs and come join the People’s Club.

    It’s the way forward and your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.

  5. I fully appreciate the concern of the above article with reference to the supposed hostilities towards the ambulance that Alan Smith was carried. This was however subsequent to him being applauded – genuinely – by 40,000 plus liverpool fans when he was stretchered off the pitch because he is a pussy. Nevertheless, with your narrow and naive minds you can choose to remember what is only hearsay thay may have taken place and included a minority of people compared to the large number of people who reacted in a somewhat morally abiding manner when Smith was cartered off. I would further like to strain your minds and brain cells by calling your attention to the crime levels and employment statistics – all proportionate may I add – of Manchester compared to Liverpool. You really need to advance your education possoms. Look up what a real possom is also retards.

  6. Looking at the time and date of that last post, it would appear that its some cunt bitter about the result earlier that day. Sad sorry bastard.

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