Then you get up and dance at the LQ…

Since we’ve been on a faggoty-dancing-on-YouTube kick for the past month or so, I thought I’d play like a De La Soul Liberace sample, and return to the classics… perhaps the most famous classic in all the world of music….

Alfonso Ribeiro = the 869589th element of Hiphop.

Ipso. Facto. Cunto.

The return of Doctor Octagon Part 3

The Return Of The Doctor

Chapter 3: The Money Fight Fire Ants

Dark clouds have descended over the OCD offices. It’s been three weeks since receiving the mysterious package from the good Doctor and they are nowhere closer to deciphering his message for the people of earth. What’s worse is their two previous code crackers have become useless. Mike Relm has been only responding in binary code, which when deciphered, says