11 Replies to “Um… gay rapper mystery solved?”

  1. It is not, it’s Erick Sermon.

    He talks about “getting butt from the men” in You’re A Customer and brags about “needing a Man-meal sandwich, yes i mean Manwich”

    It gets no gayer, except maybe for Bushwick Bill & Tim Dog, who rape men in songs..


  2. oh yeah?

    well what about Freddy Foxx, he ass-raped a guy who owed him money.

    You can’t tell me that’s not a little gay, debt or no..


  3. Erick Sermon, on the song ‘Who’s Booty?” after finding out a woman who he had been attracted to & started having physically intimate relations with was secretly a man said”…now you can call me gay or a tootie fruity, but I won’t touch it until I know who’s booty”.

    As for Q Tip-Listen to the song “La Menage” on Black Sheeo’s first album for some classic quotes & ad libs including “Lawnge she wants it her hand spreads the butt cheeks, Tip + Lawnge + the hoe equals wet sheets”, Tip in the throws of ecstasy with Mr. Lawnge (& “The Hoe”) shouting “I got the anal toungue darts X2) & Mr Lawnge nearing the end of the song telling Q-Tip “Hey, look out that’s my butt”.

    Other Q-Tip Quotes include
    “…breakin’ niggas off get the bank then I’m off” “Lyrics to Go”

    + some others I can’t remember.

    Ayo, Strategy, where did you hear that Freddie Foxxx rumor?

  4. Dang!!!! Barbosa Can blow out dem author NBA PLayas (Fo Sho)
    I try busd’n his moves but i jam my figure…lol

  5. now how the fuck can you think that girl is a man even remotely alike this barbossa? i mean ok, he’s got a somewhat feminine look to his face, but this q-tip being gay deal is rediculous.

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