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MEAL Ticket

See, this is the beauty of the internets… some cats come at me out the blue (nh) and do something surprisingly good, that I feel everyone else should know about. This is how it should be done – just make good innovative stuff, instead of claiming to be the “Jay-Z of the 3rd ward” (I see you Brick), and good people like me will try to get you some spins.

Ladies and Elephants, let me introduce you to M.E.A.L. Ticket. No, its not another failed Chuck D acronym (50 points for those who can tell me the J.A.C.K.A.S.S. theory), its a team of fine young men, who are flipping the script a little on the mixtape scene. The producers are MERC and DJ CON. The rappers are 1’ER, FIYAH and FLOW.

Who is M.E.A.L Tix?
MEAL TIX is synonymous to great Hip-Hop music, cleverly orchestrated with innovative beats, prolific lyrics, and unprecedented energy.

What’s in a name?
The acronym M.E.A.L. Tix, signifies Music Entertainment And Life. The group consists of three talented MCs sharing their experiences through music.

The trio, Jahsh “Fiyah”, Obese “Flow”, and Natch “1’er”, represent Providence, RI with roots in Long Island and Brooklyn, NY. Fiyah, Flow, and Natch 1’er met at the Boiler Room Studio where they succumbed to their creative energy and musical attraction. Soon after, these fellas joined forces and have been making people dance and reflect on life with their fresh and original sound.

Lacing the beats behind MEAL Tix’s lyrics are DJ Merc, of Providence, RI and DJ Condadon of Mandatory Entertainment in Miami, FL. With the bangerz these producers create, MEAL Tix has unleashed their poetic creativity to another dimension. In a chant-like trance, the phrase M.E.A.L. resounds whenever this energetic trio takes it to the stage.

Thanks in part to Mandatory Entertainment, setting forth this project has proven to be a small stepping stone to the formation of a group of giants determined to share their talent and love for music with the world of Hip-Hop. In addition to the original music of M.E.A.L. Ticket, they along with Mandatory Entertainment, have created a new sound called SWITCH MUSIC. This music is geared toward the mixtape game taking industry instrumentals and creating new beats out of them and putting together a complete SWITCHTAPE. This will soon become the way artist promote their music using the mixtape concept while taking their music to another level.

Its not another cheesy ‘snap’ music thingy. Nor is it a dressed-up way of saying “we rhyme over other popular beats”. These cats are definitely doing something worth hearing, and so I suggest you check out the mp3s with the quickness.

M.E.A.L. Ticket – Love
M.E.A.L. Ticket – The Beginning

More info here, here, and here.

Stop sleeping bitches.

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