I love me some black folk…

Black Folk Inc

Black Folk Inc

Here in the deep south, “black folk” have always been on the cutting edge of music from R&B and blues to jazz and even country. Now, the rap act Black Folk Inc. brings this blend of downhome dopeness and hip-hop influence to the music industry. Since as early as 1987, B-Lo the Failure and Extraordinaire the Great (AKA Black Folk Inc.) had evolved into Chattanooga’s underground Hip Hop forerunners, leaving heads turning throughout the South. Black Folk Inc.’s 2001 debut album Natty Strong was honored throughout the industry in publications such as Murder Dog Magazine as “one of the best album releases of 2001.” This led to a brief distribution of the album in 2002 with Southwest Wholesale that was cut short when that company folded. They were then voted Best R&B/Rap Group at the 2003 CIA Awards held annually in their market.

Black Folk Inc. has opened concerts for such acts as Too Short and Eightball and MJG and they have also headlined show throughout the southeast. Songs they have performed have aired on such stations as Billboard Magazine’s 1996 Station of the Year Power 94 in Chattanooga, the BOX in Houston, V-103 in Atlanta, WQQK 92.1 in Nashville, and WEUP in Huntsville, Alabama.

Black Folk Inc. has artistic appeal that can reach all sub-categories of Hip Hop, as exhibited in their single €“ the halftime show masterpiece €“ Like This (Sheeee!). With the release of their new album The Legend Of Cootie Brown, it is evident by their unity on stage and in the studio that Black Folk Inc. has what it takes to make an impression on “black folk” as well as the rest of the world.

“I love me some black folk…” – Chris Rock ’96

That’s what the presskit blurb runs like. For real though, these cats are doing some nice stuff, and though I’m a tremendous critic of collect-a-friend www.blackfolkinc.com
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