Mobb Deep is for the Entomophobians

Its the P...

Amidst the near univeral panning of Mobb Deep’s new album, “Blood Money” (and yes I know 50 zillion other sites linked to the breakdown by Little Brother’s Phonte), I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned yet that Prodigy’s head looks badly photoshopped onto his stunted little torso. He looks like a puppet with a broken neck.

Anyway, for those who missed this month’s edition of XXL, he breaks down his lyrics on the ‘controversial’ (yawn) ‘Pearly Gates’ track on the new album, which disses… get ready for this… GOD AND JESUS!!!!!! Oh wow. How shocking! In the interview he disses JC and the 12 disciples as well as the man upstairs, and reports that the Bible is made up. No shit Sherlock. Check this telling passage though, where he throws down a challenge to the grasshopper and cricket clan to prove their worth in the streets…

“XXL: Biblical times weren’t exactly easy – plagues and locusts can’t be fun. Those problems don’t impress you, huh?

Prodigy: Number one, you can’t even believe half the shit the Bible says. I don’t give a fuck. Fuck some locusts. I only care about right now. Fuck locusts, I’m dealing with niggas trying to kill me and the world lying to our kids. We’re living in a foul system where we have no choice but to conform. So what the fuck do I care about some locusts.”

Evidently, the locusts ain’t keeping it real in the QB.


2 Replies to “Mobb Deep is for the Entomophobians”

  1. Oh man, I KNOW he didn’t just diss locusts. Them shits will strip the lawn off his condo. He gun shots will not make them ALL levitate.

  2. How idiotic and childish. Only someone who hasn’t read the Bible could make a comment like that. Dawg, I’ve gotten into deeper religious discussion with 6 year old children.

    Oh, and y’all better recognize, locusts keep it real, dun.

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