RIP Hawk

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RIP Hawk
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Hawk, whose real name was John Edward Hawkins, was a member of the late DJ Screw’s rap collective the Screwed Up Click and brother to rapper Fat Pat, who was killed in 1998.

Hawk had planned to meet a friend Monday night but apparently arrived before the friend and walked to the side of the house where he was shot several times, police said. He died at the scene.

Police do not have a suspect and their only lead involves a witness who saw a white compact car with tinted windows nearby shortly after the shooting, HPD spokesman John Cannon said.

Hawk, 36, scored a regional hit with 2002’s “You Already Know” and was recently featured on the popular single “Swang” by Trae that included a posthumous contribution from Hawk’s brother. His 2001 self-titled album reached No. 45 on Billboard’s list of top R&B and rap albums.

Hawk’s verse on “Swang” includes a tribute to Fat Pat and DJ Screw, which says in part:

“I’m a swang, and a swang, and a swang to the left,
Pop my trunk for Fat Pat’s death.
I would give my last breath if I could bring you back,
bring Screw back, a matter of fact bring the whole crew back.”

Hawk was respected in the Houston underground rap scene and appeared onnumerous mixtapes from artists such as Paul Wall, Lil’ Flip, Z-Ro, E.S.G, Lil’ Keke and Big Pokey.

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