You’re a bunch of cunts!

Roots Manuva

You know how the UK has always suffered accusations that their Hiphop representives continually copy the styles of their US cousins? Well at least, when the cream of UK Hiphop gets shitfaced and gets into a scuffle, nobody gets shot. D-12, TI, fat marks who get shot in the ass, please take note…

From Holy Moly

Roots Manuva stumbled to his gig at The Consortium Bar in Bournemouth last Sunday having clearly enjoyed his Bank Holiday a little too much. Rodney was given a bottle of Jack Daniels by the bar owner which he threw at a window and smashed.

He was too drunk to put the needle on the record, and then stumbled into the crowd with the mic.

Confused punters were relieved when he got up on stage and shouted “Bournemouth!” The crowd cheered. It looked like things were going to get started.

But, no. Rodney’s next dispatch was: “You’re a bunch of cunts! Cunts!” Cue mass heckling and Rodders being pushed off stage. He tried to start a fight, forgot his mobile phone, threw a load of CDs at the bar owner and, as he was bundled into a cab and told to “Fuck off back to London!”, threw his t-shirt onto the pavement.


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