ARTICLE: Hiphop doesn’t need you

Hiphop doesn’t need you

As well as showing me that its hard as fuck to maintain a website while behaving as a grown-up, wage-earning member of the ‘real world’ (no Pedro Zamora) this new job has also shown me one thing that I guess everyone needs to see or hear every now and again, and which helps maintain a focus on whats really important in life. And its this…

2006 BET Awards – Live Review

2006 BET Awards

Half the blogging world will probably do this, but hey – what the hell. As I haven’t written anything of substance in a minute, I figured I’d type as I watch the 2006 BET Awards. Pictures will follow to help break up the anticipated ‘mountains’ of text once I steal them from somewhere (thank you Gettyimages.) And of course BET will rerun this shit for the next 5 months anyway so you’ll always be able to catch it.