A to the L’s World Cup pick

Don't quote me on it...

Not that it will be of much interest to many of our ‘Yankee’ readership, but I’m picking Spain for the World Cup. (Yes… ‘soccer’… you know that thing that the rest of the world call ‘football’? Where the 22 men chase the little bag of wind around a patch of grass and wear short shorts? The sport only women seem to play over here? I’m forgetting myself anyway – Heat vs Mavs is on tomorrow night anyway, so the watercooler talk will be all about that with most of you dicks guys, and not how Wayne Rooney’s busted foot is healing up.)


Many who know me will already know that for every World Cup since 1982 (yes, I’m THAT old), I’ve picked Spain to win the whole thing. And every World Cup, like the perennial underachievers they are, they fall to bits. (Shit, in ’82 they even crashed to my peoplesdon’t fuck with the drunkards.) Every tournament, myself and a gang of others talk them up because of the strength of Barcelona, Real Madrid etc etc, and every tournament they end up turning to dung.

Not this time though. I have every confidence that Spain will win the World Cup. Remember where you read it folks.

(Oh and if you like a bet at all, get the house on South Korea to beat Togo on June 13th. Togo are a complete bag of wank, and a South Korea win sits at 2.26 on Betfair. Other decent match bets are USA at 3-1 to beat the Czech Republic on June 12th, and Poland to beat Germany on June 14th – definitely worth a go at 5-1 (both those prices on Skybet.)

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  1. Rhyme Torrents Volumes I and II are online now, I think.


    Using uTorrent or something is your best bet, but I can give you a link to the RAR archive, which I haven’t made public, if you don’t f with torrents.

    Do you still want to review them?


    Sorry to crap in your comments page, but Yahoo has me locked out.

  2. Its all good. Best bet is to shoot me the rar link. Put it in here and I’ll delete it as soon as you post it. I’m gonna need bios and production credits if possible too… you know how it goes…

  3. Easy

    At last some world Cup shit on a HipHop Blog. Ive been raping your musical nous for a little while now and I like!(nhjic)

    My bet for The Show is the Azzurri cos the coincidences are too much. 1. Massive betting scandal leading up to the Cup. 2. A BBS (Big Bastard Striker) on fire in Luca Toni similer to Rossi in 82′ 3. An over emotional midfielder in Reno Gattuso ala Tardelli……… but it is Italy and anything could happen.

    Ps Rooney is going to The Show and will prolly play in the second round if England get there. Which is fucking shit cos i just know he’s gonna break summin and then United are fucked for next season when we need to bring it to the Rent Boy Chelski scummers HARD!!!!!! (nhjic)

  4. By the way, A to the L, you’re wrong on your generalization about the US and soccer. Quite a few people here are enthralled by the sport. But hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good rant, right?

  5. Truthfully, watching the Argies was a beautiful thing. Ivory Coast (or whatever frog name they gave them) were piling on the pressure the whole match, 2 chances, 2 goals. Crespo & Saviola were phenomenal. Could do the business.

    Gary is a name of gays, estate agents, & actors in a puppet spoof. It is f*cking football, not soccer.

  6. Dammit. Heat win 4-2. Dwyane [pronounced Dwayne] and crew get 4 wins in a row after getting spanked twice. This defensive circle bullshit is killing the NBA. WHAT THE F*CK WAS [DISCO] STU JACKSON THINKING? With Dick Bavetta and Pals handing out chicken shit fouls like hotcakes, what the hell did I think would happen? The Heat aren’t gonna win it next year though…look out for the Suns next year, with new Amare Stoudemire action.

    And considering how much the U.S. sucks at SOCCER (we’re pretty good at football), a 1-1 tie with Italy with 9 men is reason to celebrate.

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