I’m still alive…


New job gets the anal tongue dart though. More details this weekend (on the job, not the tongue dart.)

Good news however is that Larry Brown is offski. Bad news is that the Knicks get Zeke. What have the Knicks done to upset the basketball gods so?

I called the Heat in 6. Remember that.

I also called Spain for the World Cup. Remember that.

Ha ha ha ha ha ‘Team’ USA. Remember that.

Michael Essien is still a cunt. Remember that.

Gary is a horrible name. Remember that.

Fuck Engineering. Stay away from it kids – its bad for your health (and the health of your website.)

Over and out.

(note: the above image appears in a google image search for the word ‘cunts’ and suprisingly captures the people I’m trapped and working with strikingly accurately)

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